Masturbation Monday

We Both Needed That #MasturbationMonday

“I can’t orgasm! What the fuck?” Her usually soft, calm voice was filled with frustration and tears she hadn’t let fall…yet.

“Oh honey, it’s okay. You’re trying too hard. Come here. Let me help.”

Okay, so she couldn’t actually lean into me. When an entire country separates you, these things are difficult. But we could pretend.

With both of us naked, legs spread, pussy glistening into the camera of our laptops, it wasn’t hard to imagine her soft body pressed against mine.

“Close your eyes, baby. Slide your fingers over that soft kitty.”

I wasn’t surprised when she did as I asked. I was surprised I’d asked at all. My own fingers followed my instructions. Everything I wanted her to do, I would do to myself. Maybe then we could feel less apart.

“Up and down, slowly. Too not fast, honey.” She sighed across our internet connection. I swear I felt the tension begin to ease out of her.

My pussy was already warm and damp. I didn’t need near as much prodding or help as she did.

“Dip a finger in, sweetheart. Are you wet?” I knew the answer but I wanted to hear her say it.

She moaned.

“What was that?” Now was not the time to let her get lost. I needed her with me.

A cough. A giggle. “Yes. I am.” I liked the power surging through me as she did my bidding. I loved the strangled sound of her voice.

“Can you smell yourself? Your desire?” I could smell my own. “Touch your clit for me, baby.”

She and I aren’t so different. The right touch on the right spot can make us explode. I needed us to explode.

“You know how to do it. Circle and swirl and don’t stop.” Those loan moans and sighs were louder now. I don’t think it was the feel of her finger on her body so much as her own imagination.

I admit it was hard to give her orders when my own body was catching fire. We needed a distraction.

“Cup your breast. Pinch a nipple.” I don’t know who cried out first…or louder. “Harder!” (I said through gritted teeth.)

She cried out, her head thrown back in pleasure. I stopped the assault on my own body to watch her, fascinated and turned on by her responses.

“Don’t stop! Please, don’t!” Did she want more or had she figured out I wasn’t playing anymore? “Touch yourself. I want to come with you!”

Ahhhh, so that’s how it is. She saw more than I realized. Well, it was time to make her forget all about me for a minute.

“One hand on your clit, two fingers in that cunt. Fuck yourself!” When did I learn how to growl?

As our hands mirrored the other, I forgot about her as she forgot about me. Squeals and screams filled our respective rooms.



“Oh God! Oh God! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

After I could breathe again and open my eyes, I smirked at her. She was still in a daze, heavy-lidded eyes barely registering the computer screen in front of her.

“And you thought you couldn’t come.”

A satisfied, tired giggle was her only response, but I’d take it. I’d say with both needed that.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! For once, I kind of, sort of used the prompt. Go me! It’s a good prompt, isn’t it? (Oh, and before anyone gets excited, this is total fiction…unfortunately.) If you liked this, I have no doubt you’ll find more smutty words to love this week, too. 

Image/Masturbation Monday prompt via Tumblr

Masturbation Monday


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