Wicked Wednesday

Give Me What I Need #WickedWednesday

A reblog from more than two years ago. I wrote it at the time as an ode to what I wanted to experience, what I needed to experience. I’m bringing it back this week for Wicked Wednesday. The prompt is about the senses. Here’s what I know about myself as a submissive – I want fierce sensations – emotional and physical. I want to feel pain and a bit of nervousness. I want harshness and a sense of unbalance. Calm equals a lack of sensation for me. Wild and untamed moments give me an overload of sensation, and I float away to subspace on a sea of endorphins.

Collar me,
Cuff me,
Restrain me,
Blindfold me,
Want me.
Please, Sir?

Spank me,
Paddle me,
Flog me,
Bruise me,
Mark me.
Please, Sir?

Bite me,
Finger me,
Fuck me,
Take me,
Use me.
Please, Sir?

Stroke me,
Hold me,
Kiss me,
Soothe me,
Love me.
Please, Sir?

Wicked Wednesday

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