February Photofest 2018 Wicked Wednesday

My Perspective: Peeking in His Drawer

inside John Brownstone's nightstand drawer

When I try new sex toys, one of the methods I use to determine how much I like it is to ask myself, “Would I keep this in the nightstand?” Not every vibrator or dildo makes it into the coveted drawer. And from time to time I have to rotate toys because it gets full.

But what about John Brownstone’s nightstand? What’s in his drawer?

None of it should surprise anyone.

Plenty of purple, a few hitty things, and his own masturbation fun (I’m lookin’ at you Pulse III Duo from Hot Octopuss)! And the bit gag that turns me into a primal woman, slavering and slobbering, no longer capable of rational thought.

And those damn wax play candles we still haven’t tried! Ohhh, there’s my favorite blindfold, too. We haven’t taken that out in a while, but it’s past time we should!

Our nightstand drawer is also where we go for quick fun. Middle of the night lubed up sex. A satisfying wank, and, if his drawer his any indication, to smack my ass a few times.

If a rainbow is a spectrum of colors, then the toys we keep close by could be called our spectrum of pleasure. Mutual and solo.

Feel free to imagine either of us hovering over a nightstand drawer, grinning evilly, plotting our next moment of kinky fuckery. Sometimes that image is closer to the truth than you know.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is “rainbow.” In my mind rainbow became spectrum became degrees became…this. Yeah, I don’t try to understand the way I think either. For actual smutty goodness, you’ve got two options below! To see what’s in my nightstand drawer, check out John Brownstone’s post for day seven of February Photofest.

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February Photofest

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