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Who Wants to be on My Team?

This isn't a girls-only club. Men are welcome, too.

This isn’t a girls-only club. Men are welcome, too.

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I can tell writing conferences are in full swing as a lot of my author friends are coming back with new and different marketing ideas. All over the romance and erotic writing blogosphere, I’m seeing posts about street teams, and I remembered I added that to my to-do list for this summer.

What is a street team, anyway?

A street team is a group of people willing to help promote an author, band, artist, whoever. For most authors, street teams leave reviews, share book information, and simply help promote their favorite authors.

I’m still fine-tuning the details, but here’s what I would like my team to do for me:

  • Write reviews for current releases and upcoming releases
  • Share blog posts
  • Tweet, share, stumble, pin, you name it, promotional info I put out.
  • Volunteer as beta readers

Here’s what I wouldn’t want my team to do:

  • Spam your followers
  • Write anything other than an honest review
  • Think you can’t be on other street teams – I support a lot of other authors, and I think you should have the right to do that, too.

I’m still a very poor author, but here’s what I know team members would get (and I’ll add to this as time goes by):

  • Free ebooks for reviews – current releases and new
  • Entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card – Starbucks and Amazon are my go-to choices

My hopes are to be able to offer actual physical swag – bookmarks, keychains, whatever – at a later date. (Note: they’d probably have a BDSM or erotic theme, and anyone who has the hook-up on cheap swag, let me know!)

While I’m still fine-tuning the details, I’m interested inย who’s interested in joining my street name. I’ll come up with a quirky (or is that kinky?) name for it – all ideas are welcome – later. If you’re interested, fill out the form below, and when I have everything ready, I’ll let you know!

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