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The Business of Writing About Sex: March 2016

The Business of Writing About Sex

I blinked and March was gone. You may find this laughable (since I am the one putting out blog post after blog post) but I felt completely unproductive last month. I was treading water and little more, but I did manage to get my butt in gear towards the end of March, and April is already proving to be a better month. But first, how did I do in March?

A Sexual Being

Total views: 14,668 – one of my best months since I went self-hosted in 2013

Total posts: 28

Top post of the month: Boobs on my Mind (from Boobday!)

I’ve been tweaking and updating the website every so often. I’ve got plans for new pages to be added as resources for the different people who find my site. At the end of February, I added a page for people new to kink and BDSM with quick links to helpful posts I’ve written and websites, blogs, and books I consider reputable resources: New to BDSM and Kink?. More pages like that will be coming over the next few weeks.

Masturbation Monday

Total views: 14,762 – best so far this year!

Total posts shared: 73

Masturbation Monday is rocking along and doing well. New bloggers and authors (new in general and new-to-me) are finding their way to the site and sharing some incredible pieces. Monday night is one of those times when I’m guaranteed to squirm in my chair.

Plans are already being made for Masturbation Month in May. Giveaways, y’all, I’m going to have giveaways – for readers AND writers. It’s going to be AWESOME! More details coming soon!

Erotic Author

Amazon: 14

iBooks: 2

March wasn’t a great month, but I know part of the problem – no new titles. I’ve been working on my next release over the past few days – I even have a cover. Right now, I’m in the formatting stages, and I’m using new tools to make it a little easier and look more professional and polished. This next book, Kinky Love Notes: Erotic Poetry for Dominants and Submissives, will also be released as a paperback. What the whaaaa? Yep, you read that correctly. So for all my peeps who prefer a physical book, you’re about to get your wish!

Sex Writing

Where was I in March? Let’s see….

Over at Kink Craft, I reminded people that BDSM is More than Black Leather because purple, y’all…and blues, pinks, and every other color under the sun belongs in kink.

For Submissive Guide, I wrote a piece called 5 Myths About Dominants – basically reminding people that they’re human and have feelings, no matter how mysterious, mind-reading, or bold they may seem in a scene.

I was all over the place over at with several pieces on all things sex, but my favorite might have been What It’s Like to Be a Squirter.

You know me and kink, so talking about it over at is fun. My Vanilla is Your Kink is probably just the beginning of a bigger conversation, but you have to start somewhere.

Loving BDSM Podcast

Total podcast downloads in Marcg: 4058 – 1000 more than last month!

Top episode in March: Maintaining Your D/s Connection Even When Apart

I’ll be curious to see the April numbers because John Brownstone and I have already done two podcasts together with a third one planned for the next episode. Will the numbers go up or down? We’ll find out soon enough.

Earning a Living as a Sex Writer

Affiliate Earnings: $32.85

Patreon Support: $32.72 (thank you to my kinky patrons!!)

Writing Jobs: $638.81 (March was a good month!)

Book Sales: $8.36 (some places pay monthly and some quarterly)


Monthly Graphics Subscription: $4.95

Podcast hosting: $6.66 (this fluctuates monthly depending on downloads and will go up over time which is a great problem to have)

Monthly Newsletter Hosting: $9.98 (this will increase as my newsletter subscriptions grow – not a bad problem to have, either)

Facebook Advertising: $2.00 – I was able to boost a couple of blog posts, y’all! Finally!

My income will go down in April and my expenses will go up because of the timing of invoices and the expenses for my next book release, but working as a freelancer and a writer means that money is cyclical. Sometimes, you feel like you’re doing great, and other times you’re glad you have a full-time income to pay the bills.

March was a great month for blogging, podcasting, and writing, not so much for book sales, but that’s okay. I have so many reasons why I do all the things I do, but all of it stems from a love of writing, sharing my experiences, sharing kink, and (hopefully) turning people on while teaching them something new, even if it’s just a new perspective.

I’m feeling really good for the month and year ahead!

Okay, now, it’s your turn. Have you done anything new with your sexy writing? Published a new book, started a blog, what? Share with me and everyone else in the comments below!

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