Friends in the Lifestyle aka I’m a Lucky Girl

I’m still here, I promise! Traveling for work means I have to make the (current) career a priority, unfortunately.

As many of you may already know, there was a special visit with great friends.

I’m writing this now in the 20 minutes of down time until the next event/engagement/meeting. I won’t do my feelings justice, but I have to share them.

Mynx and her Sir are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They were warm, inviting, caring, amazing. They took me in, took care of me, showed me around, and made sure I had the best of everything the entire night. I am truly blessed to count them among my friends.

I have never been around a D/s couple for more than a short time. I’ve certainly never done it without my Daddy. And I’ve definitely never engaged in some of the types of conversations we had – especially without my Daddy. It was fun, invigorating, and mind-blowing all at the same time.

Watching Mynx’s Sir turn his Dom voice on sweet Mynx…watching her respond. That was fucking HAWT. Just sayin’, y’all, it was.

I cried after they left. I cried because I was overwhelmed by feelings of belonging. I cried because I missed them already. I cried because I missed Daddy. I cried because I hadn’t realized how alone I’ve been without Daddy, without a real-life connection to the lifestyle, without friends who get me on this level.

I’m overjoyed that there will (probably, most likely, definitely?) be another visit of some sort before I leave. I’m afraid to feel lonely again, but for all my babygirl-ness, I’m a big girl with big girl panties. I’ll be ok. And I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out and visit for anything in the world.

And just to prove what kind of kinky girl I am…all we did was talk about kink – nothing (well…) suggestive or that crossed any boundaries (real or imagined). Just talk. And I went to bed with a distinct warmth between my thighs from simple, innocent (as innocent as kink gets) conversation. (Want to feel sorry for me? Daddy was already asleep and I had no way to relieve “the problem,” either. I might have pouted before I fell asleep – possibly.)

I’m a lucky girl to know them both.

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