Oops…Technical Weirdness Going On Over Here

If you received 100 email notifications from my website in your email, like John Brownstone did this morning, I am SO sorry!

I’ve found a new tool to use that fixes broken URL links in blog posts, pages, and comments, and apparently, if a link in a comment is changed (because it no longer works), anyone subscribed to the comments of that post will receive an email notification.


I can’t find a fix for it, so if this happens to you, please know I’m not purposely trying to spam you.

I really like this tool, Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress, if you’re interested, so I’m going to use it. But if your inbox blows up with emails about old posts, feel free to delete them and move on.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing other back end “stuff” (it’s a technical term) to my website, so this is me apologizing in advance for any other weirdness that happens.

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