I came until I collapsed. I came until my legs shook. I came until I was physically incapable of gushing or squirting. I came until it hurt.

Too many days without, too many days with pent-up emotions, I had to touch myself. I needed to feel my slick folds, my soft petals, my sensitive nub.

On my stomach, my hand crept in from behind. Already wet from earlier conversations, my fingers glided into my pussy with ease. First one, then a second. Moaning into my pillow, I quickly realized where my forefinger rested. Fucking myself with two fingers, I began to rub my clit roughly. Biting the pillow, my body convulsed. It was over quickly, too quickly.

I rolled over onto my back. One hand found a sensitive nipple, the other my sensitive clit. Working in tandem, my fingers rolled and pinched, plucked and rubbed until my body shook uncontrollably, my back arched, and my pussy spasmed again.

Ripping off my pajama shorts, I grabbed a towel, shoved it under my ass and prepared to torture myself.

Naked from the waist down, too impatient to remove my shirt, I pulled my knees up and back, spreading myself wide open. My hand assaulted my cunt and clit, over and over again. Cum squirted over my hand. Cum gushed into my palm. Cum oozed thickly out of my pussy. Each time I came, my back arched and my legs stiffened.

I applied cruel pressure to my clit, refusing to let up. My head thrashed back and forth against the pillow, my screams muffled by my own self-control. Silently screaming, I know I looked like a woman possessed as my entire body reacted, the streak of fire from my orgasm arcing through my entire body.

I still refused to be done. Lightly, gently, I stroked my clit. As soon as I felt the pressure build, I stopped. Dipping two fingers into my squelching, sopping cunt, I fucked myself, slamming into my g-spot. I whispered obscenities to myself. “You fucking like that, don’t you? Fucking take it, fucking take it!” Fucking myself harder and harder, my leg kicked out, shuddering with the impact of my orgasm.

Gasping, falling back into my pillow, I lightly stroked my clit again. Within seconds, I came again, harder than before. Finally completely used up, no gushing, squirting, or oozing cum met my hand. My poor tortured pussy had nothing left to give.

I stood up on shaky legs, too spent to give my customary giggle of satisfaction. Disposing of the dripping towel that protected my bed, I struggled back into my shorts. I cleaned off my hands, took a sip of much-needed water, and collapsed into oblivion for the night, happily tortured.

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