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I’ve been floating the idea for weeks now to create a list of toys John Brownstone and I like to use in the bedroom – either to get kinky with or just to get off in a big way. I thought it might be a good thing during the holidays for anyone who wanted to surprise their special someone with sexy fun.

Then I got busy and never did it. Le sigh.

This week, I decided to make a shorter list than I originally intended and turn it into a podcast episode. Yeah, it’s too late for Hanukkah and nearly too late for Christmas, but there are plenty of times to give some a sex toy all year long. Hell, don’t wait for a special occasion or for someone to give you one, go out and buy toys that make you feel good whenever you want.

For anyone who’s looking for something new to try or considered a toy but wasn’t sure what to expect, hopefully this week’s episode gives you a little glimpse into a few new things. I plan on making this an annual list and focusing on toys we incorporate into our play throughout the year. Hopefully, I’ll get my act together earlier next time.

And if you’ve got a favorite of your own, please share with the rest of us! I like to try new things, too!

From the show:

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  • Kayla lists toys she and John Brownstone use and love, in no particular order:
  • The Original Magic Wand – also known as the toy that makes her gush like a geyser
  • Suede Floggers – providing both the thudding pain she prefers and the stings that raise welts
  • Paddles – wooden and rubber paddles, both with different sensations for ass destruction
  • Delrin Cane – John’s favorite. Kayla just likes the marks and bruises it leaves behind
  • Glass Dildos – great for sensation play and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including tentacles
  • Nipple Charms – pretty and decadent, they allow you to decorate you or your partner’s boobs
  • Lube – whether for anal or because your body isn’t producing enough of it’s own, lubricant is something to have on hand.


Links to the products and a full transcript are located on the episode page. Links included here are affiliate links.

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  • My total favourite toy us the doxy wand. I think it changed my life. Resulted in my first ever squirting orgasm . Blown my mind.how did I not own one before? Great list. I also enjoy a blindfold sensations heightened when wearing one.

    • We haven’t played with a blindfold in soooooo long – because the one we have doesn’t fit the way we’d like. I’ve heard good things about the Doxy wand. Yay for squirting!!

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