Masturbation Monday

Finding Relief #MasturbationMonday

Rolling over, he heaved a deep sigh. He couldn’t relax. His mind refused to shut down and let him sleep.

He’d read. He’d listened to music. He even set the television on sleep mode and was disgusted when he was still wide awake when the TV turned off.

“Fuck this,” he murmured to himself. Pushing the covers off, he threw his legs over the bed and stood up. Reaching for his phone, he ran a hand through his hair. He just wanted to sleep.

Punching in the security code on his phone, he wondered what his problem was tonight. The light from the phone made him squint. He saw the notification for a new text message.

Curious, he opened it up. It was her.

I just wanted to say good night. I hope you sleep well. I can’t wait to see you again.

He thought about her voice, her smile, the scent of her hair, and he smiled to himself. If he was being honest with himself, she was the reason he couldn’t sleep. She’d let him kiss her tonight, but he wanted so much more from her. He knew he had to take things slowly with her, but God, he wanted her.

His cock twitched, as if in agreement. He noticed the dull ache in his balls. Great, now he had blue balls just from kissing her! He shook his head in disgust.

“What am I, a fucking teenager?” he asked himself. “Screw this!”

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he did something about his “problem,” he settled back on the bed against his pillows. He reached into his shorts and gripped his cock. No where near as good as a pussy or a mouth, but it would have to do.

He closed his eyes and imagined her face. She had big brown eyes, insanely dark, almost black. They shined when she laughed or even just smiled. God, he loved her eyes. He felt his cock twitch again. Mentally constructing her in his mind’s eye, he began to stroke his shaft.

His fingers grazed the head, catching the drop of pre-cum that leaked out. His hand moved easier with the lubrication. He pumped up and down, methodically as he thought about her nose. A pert nose, slightly upturned at the end. She probably had the cutest nose he’d ever seen. He wanted to kiss it one day.

He squeezed the head of his cock, now almost purple, as he thought about her mouth. Full, lush lips – perfect for kissing, nibbling, biting. He couldn’t wait to bite her lip to see how she reacted. He remembered her pink tongue darting out to lick the barbecue sauce off her lips. He pictured the way she bit her lip when she was nervous or deep in thought. The strokes on his cock became faster. He felt his balls tightening.

A slender, creamy neck followed – a neck ripe for bite marks and bruises. Her collarbone barely peeked through – she wasn’t too thin or too fat. Curvy, luscious, and made for grabbing and holding onto. He could only imagine what her breasts looked like. Groaning, his hand moved faster and faster, his orgasm building from deep within.

As he imagined creamy breasts with pink, tight nipples, he exploded, hot cum jetting out, splashing his chest. Closing his eyes in relief, he milked himself for a moment longer, smiling at the thought of what her nipples might feel like in his mouth.

Finally feeling relaxed, he got out of bed only long enough to clean himself off. Lying down, he smiled to himself and wondered if he would ever tell her just what she did to him.

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