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Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

cover of Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More with review by Rachel Kramer Bussel

It’s always fun to shamelessly promote my smutty writing friends, and this one is even more special. Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More is an erotic anthology created by some of my favorite people. I know the writing is good because I know nearly all the authors involved.

No matter what turns you on, gets you off, and makes you a happy erotica reader, you’re sure to find it in the latest release from Oleander Plume, Dr. J, and Mischa Eliot (the original Sisters in Smut) and all the amazing writers who submitted their stories including Angora Shade, Jayne Renault, Sally Bend, F. Leonora Solomon, Ria Restrepo, Kristi Hancock, Wednesday Noir, Rachel Woe, Delilah Night, and M.J. Spencer.

About Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

cover of Chemical [se]X 2: Just One MoreTaste the attraction. Again.

One hundred percent delicious with zero calories, let yourself be tempted by our chocolate-infused delights. These bite-sized erotic treats are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Best friends become more, beauty is tamed by the beast, a music festival turns erotic, strangers collide, shy lovers go wild, roommates break down barriers, and a chance encounter at a holiday party leads to sapphic delights.

Something for every taste.

Elevator shenanigans, mythic lovers, well-dressed hunks, hungry coworkers and birthday surprises, Chemical [se]X Volume Two delivers the goods.

Are you ready for just one more?

Excerpt from Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

Want a peek under the covers before you decide? Check out this excerpt from the wonderful and talented Oleander Plume!

The Friend Zone by Oleander Plume

Together, we tore off the wrapping paper and lifted the lid. Together, we inhaled the aroma. Together, we stared at the 12 domes of dark and milk chocolate dusted with edible gold.

“You go first,” I said, never taking my eyes off the truffles.

“No way.” Vince held the box closer to me. “I’m scared.”

“Scared they will work?”

Our eyes met.

“I don’t believe they will,” Vince said, maybe too quickly.

“Neither do I.”

“I’m worried they’ll taste bad. That’s all.”


“Fuck it.” He set the box back on the table and picked out a piece. “Here goes.” My heart froze in my chest as he took a bite.

“How is it?” I stammered.

Chewing, Vince held up an index finger. Time stood still. I was on the edge of my seat, palms damp, trying to avoid the biggest question.

What would we do if they did work?

“Chew faster, damn you!” I shouted into my hand.

I saw his neck bulge as he swallowed.

“How are they?”

Vince beamed. “Fucking delicious.” He licked his lips. “I feel normal, by the way.”

While he popped the other half into his mouth, I stuffed an entire truffle into mine and furiously chewed. The candy wasn’t delicious.

It was glorious.

Rich and chocolaty, with the perfect amount of crunch. I grabbed three more pieces with one hand and was about to shove them into my mouth, paper and all, when Vince said, “Wait, Marnie. I feel funny.”

“Funny how?”

“Like I want to cross the friend zone.”

My eyes darted to the empty foot of space between us then up to Vince’s face, then down again, but before my gaze made it back to friend zone, I noticed a bulge in Vince’s gym shorts.

A bulge I’d noticed before, but never wanted to touch, until now.

I looked back up at his face. For the first time, he looked like a man, not the eleven-year-old boy I’d been best friends with since seventh grade. When had he grown so muscular?

“You’re hot,” I mumbled, tongue thick with awkwardness. “Wow.”

We sat there, frozen, until Vince said, “Marnie,” in a voice so tinged with emotion, it broke the spell. My hand crept across the friend zone and hovered over his crotch.

“Can I touch you?”

“You can do anything to me. Anything.”

Rubbing my hand over his bulge, his expression changed from shy to brazen.

“That feels so good.” He lifted his hips and pushed against my hand, eyes heavy lidded, wet lips parted as he caught a breath. “But…”

“But what?”

“Will we still be friends?”

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review by reader of Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

Meet the Authors of Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More

After you get your copy of this smutty, smutty goodness, you’re definitely going to want more. Go meet and follow these amazing creators and show them all kinds of love!

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