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Orgasms Before Coffee

After our kinky scene, John Brownstone fucked me until he exhausted himself. But he didn’t come.

“You know I don’t always need to. I promise, it felt really good.”

Well, okay, but I really like it when he has an orgasm, too.

After our marathon sex session, we were exhausted and nearly fell asleep without turning off the lights or pulling the blanket over us. But I did remember one thing.

Just before lying down, I grabbed a toy (received in exchange for an honest review) from the big box o’toys from Lyps and popped in some batteries. We would need that in the morning, I was sure of it.

My sleep was filled with dreams about fucking and food. In my imagination, he fucked me in the vet’s office before we gorged on Tootsie rolls and later, he impatiently waited to fuck me while I cooked us steak and bacon.

We woke up within minutes of the other. I was hungry, on multiple levels. He rolled out of bed and grabbed his bathroom.

“Where are you going, Daddy?”

“Coffee,” he grunted.

“But I thought we were going to play this morning?”

“First, coffee.”

“Or you can bring it in here and drink coffee while watching me.” It sounded practical but it felt kind of kinky.

He grunted again and trundled out to the kitchen. I listened to the percolating sounds of the Keurig as I stroked my slit. Either my dreams had worked me up, or I was still wet from the night before. I shrugged. Wet is wet.

I must have dozed off again because I jumped when the edge of the bed sank under his weight. His coffee mug made a thunking sound as he set it on the nightstand.

“Ok girl, give me a show.” He was still grunting.

I grabbed the vibrator (g-spot and clitoral) and turned it on. I ran it across my slit, letting the low level vibrations hum through me. I turned it to a higher setting and pressed against my pussy, pushing it deep inside. My body accepted it with a pop.

The vibrations were nice but not doing much for me. I played with the settings. Still, nothing much although the buzzing was soothing.

Until…I moved the toy in and out in small, quick thrusts. Oh fucking God! The first orgasm burbled up and oozed from my body. My toes clenched and my heels dug in the bed. I let my knees fall wider apart, increasing the buzzing on my clit. I screamed.

If John Brownstone was watching, I don’t remember. I was officially lost to the orgasms crashing over me. Sometimes I remembered to change the settings. Sometimes I didn’t. It didn’t matter. As long as I did that little jiggle action so that my clit was activated and the thrums hit my g-spot, I exploded. My hips lifted off the bed. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched around the toy, increasing the sensations. I only made it worse when my thighs clamped down over my hand.

With a final scream, I wrenched it away from my body, throwing it on the bed. I gasped for breath, orgasmic aftershocks catching me unaware. I rolled into a ball as my pussy continued to spasm.

“That was nice.” He sounded so calm. “But it’s my turn again.”

He pulled my ass into his pelvis and slid deep inside my pussy. This time, he fucked me until he came.

It was his turn to gasp for breath and be unable to find words. I said, “I think orgasms before coffee is a good idea.”

His grunt in response made me think he agreed.

About Holly by Lyps

If the Holly by Lyps looks familiar, that’s because it is. Before the company went through a rebranding, I reviewed this one for them. But they asked me to try it again now that they’ve changed their company. I didn’t mind because sometimes you wonder if the fun you have is a fluke or if it can be repeated. In my early-morning fog, I forgot the technique that works best with this toy (at least for me) and I was afraid I was about to be disappointed. Once I remembered, the orgasms crashed into me – which was delicious.

This is a pretty “rabbit” – aka g-spot and clitoral vibrator – that takes three AAA batteries. Be careful when you put them in because if you do it wrong, the toy won’t work. It only has one button so you can switch between settings but you can’t raise or lower the intensity. And if you want to start on the lowest one, you have to go all the way through the settings to find it. The nice thing about the batteries is that the plastic section keeps your hand from feeling all the vibrations when it’s on (which is a pet peeve of mine).

It’s still a decent toy, and because the clitoral vibrator doesn’t have the typical “ears” of a rabbit, it’s the one I prefer of the ones I’ve tried (so far). It’s a smoother feel that covers more of my clit – which is nice.

Want to check it out for yourself?

Get the Holly by Lyps!

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