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Such A Tease #WickedWednesday

Strapped to the bed, her arms were held in place by cuffs and rope. Her legs were spread wide and attached to the foot of the bed with cuffs and rope, too. She squirmed a little, testing the give. There was very little room for movement. The blindfold was comfortable and effective. Since she couldn’t see anything, she closed her eyes and waited.

He watched her from across the room, loving the view.

She licked her lips, then bit them. He knew she was nervous. He watched her test her bonds. Only he knew they’d release with just a little more effort. From his vantage point, he could see the dusky pink of her pussy, already beginning to glisten slightly with desire. His little slut loved this.

Silently, he walked to the side of the bed. She became still, sensing his presence. She shivered with anticipation. He loved keeping her in suspense. This was not the first time she’d been bound, presumably helpless, to their bed. Every time, the experience was different for her. He had a wild imagination, and he loved giving life to his fantasies.

Tonight, he planned on driving her wild until she begged and pleaded for relief. He wondered how long it would take.

He reached out and stroked her inner thigh, pinching the tender flesh. She hissed. His fingernails raked her other thigh, causing her leg to jerk. She cried out. He pinched one nipple, and then the other, small tweaks but enough to elicit a reaction.

He pulled her hair, roughly, meanly. He tickled the back of her knee. He ran one finger along the sole of her foot. Every sensation intended to keep her off balance, guessing where he would strike next.

He spent several moments kneading her thighs, alternating between each leg, moving higher and higher. She pushed her hips towards him, silently begging for his touch. He stopped.

He stroked the velvety skin of one breast, tracing his fingers on the rounded underside, before moving to the other. His fingers drew circles, moving closer and closer to her tight nipples. She pushed her chest forward, begging for more. He stopped again.

She hissed and sighed in pleasure and frustration as he moved across her body. She felt a dull ache deep within. She needed his touch.

Finally, she felt his hand on her mons. She understood if she moved, he would stop. She barely breathed as his fingers kneaded her flesh. She bit her lip when he touched her labia, massaging it, moving her lips apart. Her body tightened as he inserted one finger into her pussy.

“Mmmm, pet, you are very wet,” he growled quietly. “Did I do that to my little slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” she panted. “Yes, Sir, you do that to me. You’ve teased me so!”

He laughed evilly. She had no idea how much he could and would tease her before the night was over.

“My little slut, I’m only getting started,” he stated, as he pressed the vibrator against her cunt, within a hairsbreadth of her clit, and turned it on low. He knew that until something touched her clitoris, she would stay on the edge of orgasm.

“Yes, pet,” he smirked. “I’m such a tease.”

God, I love Wicked Wednesday. This week’s prompt got the wheels turning within seconds! Oh, and the prompt is “teasing.” 

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