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#ShamelessPromotion for Age of Discovery by Theo Black

I have the absolute AMAZING pleasure of shamelessly promoting one of my very favorite bloggers this week – Theo Black. I have followed him since the beginning of his blog (ok, 3 posts in) under my real name, and once I created the Kayla Lords blog, I followed immediately. He writes primarily about his relationship with L, a woman he’s known for years but didn’t connect with on a sexual and emotional level until after children were raised and other relationships ended.

He turned his blog into a book!!! /squeee! I’ve never begged anyone to let me promote them, but I begged him. He graciously said yes, and I hope you go right out and purchase his book and follow his blog. You’ll lose hours and days reading, but it will be worth it! I promise!

When you read his very explicit descriptions of moments between L and himself, you’ll be turned on. Make no mistake about it, I WISH I could write erotica as well as he does. When they went through a rough patch, I cried for them both. When he re-emerged and came back to life, as he and L figured out what to do next and how to make it work, I cheered for them. His writing brings it all to life, and you can’t help but want nothing but happiness for both of them.

Available in paperback, for Kindle, and on Smashwords!

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

Age of Discovery is the story of reawakened passion, a celebration of the erotic relationship that blossoms between a man and a woman after they have built their careers and raised their families, a relationship that surprises both of them with its deep emotional attachment and unexpected level of carnal excitement and enthusiasm. Their reawakening carries them into a world of private desires to be explored, appetites to be satisfied, boundaries to be broken, lives to be built. Age of Discovery explores the intersection of poetry, philosophy, and earthy, physical lust; the result is romantic and lyrical as well as sensual, a tribute to the power of love to unite the animal, emotional, and spiritual worlds of experience.

Want to buy it, or at least read an excerpt?

On Amazon, in paperback – $11.39

On Amazon, for Kindle – $3.99

Smashwords – $3.99

I can’t WAIT to get it and read it!!!

Don’t follow Theo’s blog? You should! Follow Theo at

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