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A Tropical Getaway


“I still can’t believe we got such a good deal on this rental!” Marcus looked at Darla with pride. He didn’t doubt her ability to find a good deal, but the price on this beach house was crazy.

“I know, right? The pictures were great. The reviews are awesome. And now, we get an entire week of kinky fuckery in tropical surroundings all without spending too much money. It sounds like heaven to me, Sir.” She smiled at Marcus. She couldn’t wait to let go of the vanilla life for just a little while and completely submit to her Dominant husband.

Marcus picked up speed in the convertible they’d rented for the week – another good deal. He thought of the special bag he’d packed just for this week. Darla had been quite curious about what he was bringing along for their playtime, but he kept at her at bay with, “You’ll see soon enough, little pet.”

Following the GPS instructions, they entered the beach town, zooming past crab shacks and pontoon boat rental kiosks. They were arriving just before the tourist season really kicked off so the pedestrian traffic wasn’t too heavy. The stars aligned for this trip, Darla told herself as she basked in the sun, taking in all the sights and sounds.

With each turn, they found themselves driving closer and closer to the water. The female robotic voice announced they had reached their destination. A gorgeous manse loomed above them. Darla’s jaw dropped. “This is better than the pictures!”

“I didn’t realize they’d turned a mansion into a hotel, little pet. And we managed a private house on this property?” Marcus looked over at Darla in appreciation. “You’ve got mad money-saving skills, my girl.” Darla blushed at the compliment.

“Let’s get checked in!!” She was off like a shot. Marcus smiled to see her playful, little girl side. They desperately needed this vacation to unwind and find themselves again.

Moments later, they were sent behind the “big house” as the front desk referred to it, to the private rental. The lobby had looked a bit worn and dusty, but they both shrugged it off as a beach thing – the sand probably settled wherever it would. They tried not to notice the faded, threadbare uniforms of the staff – or the haggard looks.

They turned the corner to where the house was supposed to be located and their jaws dropped. The front steps bowed in the middle. The screen door flapped against the side of the house – no latch or door handle to keep it closed. The wood siding hadn’t seen paint in years. Marcus and Darla looked at one another in shock.

“Let’s go inside, Sir. Maybe it’s better on the inside.” He nodded his head, taking hold of her hand to lead her through the door.

The smell of dust and age hit them first. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, Darla felt Marcus squeeze her hand. Turning to one another, they looked at one another in dismay. Shabby, interstate motels were nicer than the inside of this place. Darla’s eyes filled with tears.

“I-I’m so…sor-reeee!” Darla wailed in disappointment; tears poured down her cheeks. She felt like a fool and a failure. How had she booked this place? She had ruined their beautiful trip.

Marcus pulled Darla to him, crushing her in his embrace. “You didn’t do anything wrong, babygirl. I promise! I’m going to find out what the fuck is going on around here and get our fucking money back!” Darla shivered at the growl in his voice. This wasn’t just her Sir; this was her Sir angered by deception and anything that made his babygirl cry.

“Ahem. Excuse me?” Darla and Marcus whipped around at the sound of a soft voice behind them. “I see they snookered you, too.”

“What the hell is going on around here?” Marcus demanded.

“Well, these are the old servants quarters for the mansion. And, the owners have a game they play. Whatever you paid is non-refundable. And they cook the reviews online, payin’ people to say good stuff.” The man looked sheepish as he admitted the deception. “I’m not part of it, but all the locals know what happens here.”

Marcus grunted derisively. “They won’t get away with this shit. I will get our money back.” He squeezed Darla a little tighter, noting that her tears were now small hiccups.

“You can try, mister, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.”

Marcus and Darla brushed past the stranger without a word. Marcus’s strides were long and fast; Darla trotted to keep up with him. The girl working the counter turned pale when she saw Marcus. Before he could say a word, she called for her manager.

An hour later, Marcus and Darla walked into a beautiful, tropical oasis of a hotel room in another part of town. They both felt the tension drain away as they looked around their new accommodations. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look at that manager’s face when you turned your Dominant voice on him, Sir.” Darla giggled a bit.

“Who knew the guy was submissive?” Marcus couldn’t hide the smirk from his voice. “Nice to see that they were willing to fix the error for us and get us a room in another hotel for the entire week. When we checked in, I was told all expenses are covered. I hope you like room service, my sweet girl.” Darla squealed with delight. Marcus was happy to hear her relax a bit.

“Now…about that special bag you were so interested in earlier. Go get it, little pet. We have a vacation to enjoy.”

I’m feeling like maverick over here, so today one post, two memes. Welcome to  Wicked Wednesday who’s theme was a holiday house that turns out to be run-down servants quarters. Hope you enjoyed this one!

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