What To Do When Life Gets in the Way of Being Submissive #podcast

Even when I’m not doing specific tasks, kneeling, getting kinky, saying, “Yes Daddy,” or doing any one of a million things that mark me as “submissive,” it’s an inherent part of who I am. Even when I’m in the role of “Mom” or “employee” or even “Babygirl” – I am always, always, always a submissive. It’s like always having brown eyes or always being right-handed.

So when the amazing, wonderful, and absolutely sweet toraprincess emailed and asked specifically about handling the inevitable conflict between your submissive side and your babygirl side, an episode was born.

Because not every submissive is also a babygirl – and because sometimes it’s not a babygirl persona but some other part of your life that causes the conflict – I spent some time talking about the other roles that don’t always work well with our submissive nature. Too long not feeling your role can stress a submissive out – whether you’re in a relationship or not.

But don’t worry, I answered the original question in detail, too.

Oh! And this show as a full transcript for all my readers out there.

From the show:

  • Today’s topic came from a listener who specifically asked about handling the problems and differences that come with being both a submissive and a babygirl.
  • As a submissive, we have a lot of roles that conflict: parent, child, employee, co-worker, etc. We can’t always be our submissive self.
  • When the stress and pressure of not feeling submissive stress us out, fall back on your D/s relationship. Let your Dominant guide you through it and reset you.
  • Single submissives have options for a much needed reset even if they don’t have a Dominant or top to help them out.
  • To the specific question asked, yes, there is a difference between being a submissive and a babygirl (or other kinky personas like pets, littles, etc.).
  • When being babygirl wins over being a submissive – and it results in a failure to complete a task or do something you’ve been expected to do, Dominants need to dole out consequences.
  • You have to give your other persona space to come out and play on a regular basis or, as this babygirl admits, bad things can happen. This is true of anyone, single or in a D/s relationship.

Listen to the show:

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