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Endings are Simply New Beginnings #WickedWednesday

Every time something ends, something else begins.

The end of one relationship allowed a new one to be born.

The end of one book allows me to write a new one.

“The End” means I shut the book and grab a new one to read.

The end of a year means the start of the next.

It’s a cycle, a circle. The circle of life? (Without the Lion King music montage)

I used to think I wasn’t good with endings. Endings mean change, and I hated change. Until I realize that the only change I’m uncomfortable with is the one I can’t plan for or control.

When I see the end in sight (good or bad) and can plan for it, I embrace it more easily. I think most of us are like that. At least those of us who shy away from spontaneity.

Endings aren’t all good or all bad. They’re usually somewhere in the middle. Even when it’s an ending you desperately wanted (hello, 2011 divorce, I’m lookin’ at you), it’s almost never as good as you thought it would be. When it’s an ending you hoped never to see, you can usually find a silver lining – even if it takes a while to find it, see it, or even acknowledge it. (And no, finding the silver lining doesn’t mean you’re happy about whatever horrible ending it may have been – only that you’re able to see a bigger picture, and, hopefully, cope with the reality.)

No matter how we feel about endings, there’s at least one universal truth about them – they’re one of life’s few guarantees.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is about “The End” and whatever that means to the writer. Since nothing sexy came to mind, I give you this – my philosophy on endings. And yes, I’m a silver lining kind of person – even in the worst situations. (The key is not to give voice to the silver lining at the wrong time.) Anyway, go find out if anyone else managed to write a sexy or smutty ending, instead. I have no doubt you’ll find something that gets your motor running.

Wicked Wednesday


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