TMI Tuesday

Makin’ It Sexy

While I’m at a loss of what to do in the absence of erotic haikus, I figured I’d try out TMI Tuesday instead. 

This week, we’re supposed to fill in the blanks and make it sexy. Sort of a smutty madlibs. I think I can do that…

1. He turned me over and pressed my torso into the mattress.

2. He grabs my ass and I arch my back, silently begging for more.

3. She peeks in cautiously – unsure of what she’ll find.

4. Now I am going to spank the brat out of you.

5. I will take you by your hair and spank your juicy cunt.

6. I slip my hand under the tender underside of her breast and her entire body spasms.

7. In the shower she let me run my soapy fingers over her slit.

8. She grabbed his leash, and yanked and pulled until he fell to his knees in front of her.

That was fun!

Bonus: Is pornography like any other job–like acting is a job?

I think so. I’m supportive of willing, non-coerced, sex work. Acting in pornography falls into that category. As long as everyone involved is willing and able to legally consent – and paid for their time and effort – I see no problems with it.

So that’s my first TMI Tuesday. Click the image below to join in and or check out who else is playing along this week.


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