February Photofest 2019

The Most Intimate Details

John Brownstone's cock and balls

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford

Consider John Brownstone and myself a success, if this is the definition we’re going by.

It was no insignificant thing for him to take this picture and allow me to share it on the internet. But it’s also no different than allowing me to share the most intimate details of our lives in blog posts, on podcasts, and in videos. With his help, support, blessing, and contribution, I bare it all.

This past month for February Photofest, I’ve felt pulled to extremes, desperately wanting to participate and feeling that I had little time to give. We didn’t create the images I’d hoped for back in January when this month was a vague future promise. But I think we explored different parts of ourselves and exposed even more.

My parts and his parts.

Because that’s how we do things…together.

I envisioned a kinky fuckery theme filled with colorful images and highlights of all the sexy, kinky fun we’d have. The reality was much different and not at all what I expected (is it ever?) but more important.

We worked hard…together. We worked through conflict…together. And as always, we shared as many parts of ourselves as we can…together.

Yes, this space has my name written all over it, but none of it’s possible without John Brownstone. It’s his support that keeps me going when my lying brain tells me I can’t. And it’s his willingness to be a part of it all that allows me to grow and move in new directions, because two heads really are better than one.

But I like his one head just fine, thank you very much.

As always a massive thank you to the fabulous Molly Moore for hosting this month-long event. I highly recommend clicking the lips below to see amazing erotic photography from other bloggers, many of whom are baring it all in their own way, just like we are.

February Photofest

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