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#WickedWednesday – Party!

My second Wicked Wednesday is also their first birthday! How appropriate that the prompt is “party.” I’m going back in the archives a bit for this one with my own special party…

“Ok, let me remind everyone of the rules tonight.”

Inwardly, she was pleased. This was his way of giving her a little bit of preparation.

“Each quarter, she’s yours to do with as you please. Remember two rules: you can only cum in her mouth. If you fuck her, fine, but don’t cum in my ass or my cunt, got it?” he asked the men.

They all nodded their understanding.

He looked at her. “You have one rule, pet. Do not make a sound the entire game. We want to enjoy the game and your moans will only distract us,” he stated. “Understood, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He pointed to the men in the order they would have her: Sir R, Draco, Edge, and her Sir was saved for last.

A few moments later, the game began to start. Sir R motioned her over to him. She walked over to his chair and stood, waiting. Never taking his eyes off of the TV, he reached up and pinched her nipple. Her breath caught in her throat as she fought the urge to moan. He twisted her nipple and pulled down. She fell to her knees next to him.

“Suck it, bitch,” he stated quietly, pulling her by her sore nipple towards his knees.

She had no choice but the crawl towards him. He let go as she unzipped his pants and found his semi-hard cock. Pulling it free from his pants, she leaned forward to take him into her mouth. He hardened in her mouth. His was the widest cock she’d ever seen. Her mouth felt stretched and she could only easy take half of his length down her throat.

She sucked and nibbled the head of his cock. She licked down one side and up the other. She heard his breathing strain a bit and knew he was pleased. Abruptly, she felt her head pushed down over his shaft, filling her mouth and throat. He held her in place as she struggled, desperate not to make a sound, terrified of gagging.

Still watching the TV intently, he used her hair to pump her mouth on his cock over and over. Her face hit the seams and buttons of his jeans, abusing her tender skin. Every so often he would hold her in place, making her gag on his girth. Her breathing became harsher, but she never made a sound.

She lost track of time thinking he would never cum. Finally, he held her head in place one final time as he shot hot cum down the back of her throat, forcing her to take every drop. When he was done, with his hand still in her hair, he tossed her to the side. She collapsed on the floor next to his chair, panting.

Want to read the whole thing?

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I’m considering compiling and editing this one for publication, too. What do you think?

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