Masturbation Monday

You Wish You Knew My Secret

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You don’t know my secret.

The warmth between my thighs.
The rub of skin against skin.
The smell of sex and desire.

The clench of muscles
Holding in pleasure
Reveling in pure delight.

I am ready. Available.
Wet and sticky
With need and want.

You wish you knew my secret.

Ready for a sign. A word.
Waiting for the look
That says, “Here. Now.”

Anticipating what comes next.
Willing it to happen.
Give it to me now.

Bare flesh pebbles.
Nerves tingle. Flesh swells
Waiting for you to find out…

My secret.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! This was completely inspired by this week’s prompt – and the fact that I find myself in a similar situation all the time. What the hell am I talking about? You’ll have to click the big beautiful button below to find out.

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