Masturbation Monday

Obeying Orders #MasturbationMonday

The text message was clear. “Get up from your desk. Go to the ladies room. Cum for me and send me a pic of MY pussy.”

Cutting off her co-worker in mid-sentence, she scurried to the bathroom, hoping no one wondered why she took her phone in with her. Both excited to complete the task and nervous that the ladies room would be occupied, she breathed a sigh of relief when she walked in. Thank God no one’s in here, she thought to herself as she stepped into the largest stall.

She tried not to think about the openness of the stalls or the noises someone might hear if they ventured into the bathroom. She tried not to think of the cold tile surrounding her or the whiteness of the toilet and sink just feet away from her. She tried so hard not to think about this being the bathroom at work. Thoughts of being caught in the act of masturbation – or at least someone questioning what she was doing – gave her pause.

Ding! Another message.

“Don’t hesitate on me now, girl.”

How the hell did he always know? Because he was Sir, that’s why. Taking a deep breath, she pulled down her skirt and panties, letting them drop to the tops of her shoes. She spread her thighs as far as she could and eased her hand over her mons. Heat emanated from her core. More turned on than nervous, she skimmed her fingers over her slit, closing her eyes in pleasure. Sliding in easily, she sighed quietly.

Knowing she didn’t have much time, she found her g-spot and began tapping frantically. She could feel the fiery pressure building and swallowed her cries and screams of passion. Her knees began to buckle as her orgasm began to crescendo. Bracing herself against the wall, she rubbed and tapped the ridgy flesh deep inside. Her body writhed as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Holding on to the handrail, her knuckles turned white as the walls of her pussy clamped down on her fingers in a tight spasm. Her hips bucked as she came. Waves of pleasure crashed into her, leaving her a breathless mess leaning against the wall of the cold stall.

She pulled her fingers away from her body and held them up in front of her face. Enthralled at the gooey mess dripping down her hand, she smiled. With her clean hand, she found her phone. She squatted and positioned the camera to snap the picture he wanted.

“For you, Sir. May I clean my hand?”

After hitting send, she began to straighten her clothes awkwardly with her clean hand, waiting for his reply.

“Thank you, babygirl. You are such a good girl. Yes, clean your hand and get back to work.”

She sucked and licked her fingers clean, reveling in the taste of her own sex. The scent filled her nostrils as she sighed in pleasure.

Walking back to her desk, she could still smell herself  and wondered if anyone else could either.

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