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Bree and a Guest Post by @RJRedlynn #GuestBlog

A big welcome back to R.J. Redlynn, previously a Shameless Promotion guest, now trying her hand at blogging. For a first try, she’s pretty darn good! Maybe, with enough love, we’ll convince her to start her own blog! 

My name is R.J. Redlynn and I want to be your erotica writer. Okay, that was a bit corny, but this is my first time blogging, I think I get to write a few bad lines, right? (note to self, check on rules for first time bloggers) Anyway, why do I write erotica and how did I get started?

Why not write erotica? We’re adults and sexual beings. (Any one under the age of 18 should leave now) Through the annals of history, (had to use the word annals because it’s so close to anal) sex, in all its forms, has been well documented. Someone who worked in the Adult Movie Industry (read as porn) once said, “Anything you can think of doing sexually has already been done, and better. So what are you so embarrassed about?”

I got started because, well I like to write and I knew some people who jumped on the 50 Shades bandwagon. While I can see the beauty in two people who think they are unlovable, finding someone that thinks they are amazing, I just got tired of hearing about story after story of “damaged people”. “Aren’t there any stories about “normal people,” I would ask. So I decided to write my own (Shameless plug warning; A Loving Heart’s Desire,

Currently, I am about to finish my second book entitled Vignette’s. They’re 10 steamy, hot, sizzling, erotic stories featuring women as the main characters. I’m going to share part of one of the most popular stories (Bree) from the upcoming book. Two couples and long time friends eat dinner and break in a new hot tub. Great friends are about to become great friends and lovers. Enjoy.

Scott takes me by the arms and stands me up. Swinging his legs over the side, and exits the hot tub. Leaning back over the edge, he scoops me up into his arms and I shiver, holding him close as the cooler air hits my body. He carries me to a lounge chair where he lays me down. Kneeling before me, he holds my legs up in the air. Kissing his way from my knees to my lips, warms me back up.

From where I lay, I can see Lilly and Derek. He’s got her up on the corner again and her legs around his back and her arms around his neck. His hand is on his manhood as he’s getting ready to enter her. Grabbing her around her waist, I see his body arch as he slowly drives himself deep into her. She bites her lower lip and then lets out a moan of pleasure. She lets out sounds of ecstasy with every thrust.

Scott licks my clit and that brings my attention back to him. He kisses all around my lips before licking them from bottom to top. I shivered again, but not from the cold. Once at the top, I felt the heat from his tongue on my clit. I was wet and ready. On the edge of an orgasm, he easily slipped two fingers into me and then a third. They filled me and he hit all the right spots. My body clinched and my hips bucked as a charge ran through me as I felt the explosion of my release. I can’t imagine how loud I was, but I heard a “Woo” from the other two.

I look over and Lilly and Derek are on the near side of the hot tub. However, he has her bent over the edge and is taking her from behind. He has a handful of her hair and his other hand on her shoulder. Her breasts wiggle with every thrust. The look on her face is priceless, eyes closed and mouth open, moaning.

Scott wasn’t done with me yet. With only a couple seconds to catch my breath, he raised my legs to his shoulders and entered me. Slowly, inch by inch so as not to ruin my orgasmic feeling. His hands on my thighs, I took his hands in mine. He began to drive himself from head to base and back out. Soon he was thrusting away and my lips hugged every ridge and inch of him. I came twice more.

Lilly’s gone from moaning and groaning to practically yelling. Oh yes, fuck me, oooooo, make me cum. I’m surprised to hear her talk like that, but it was hot. I know she’s had a long, powerful orgasm as a chorus of yes, yes, yes rings out into the night. Think the neighbors know was well.

“I want to see you cum. Cum on me.”

The truth was that although I really do love to watch men ejaculate, I really wanted to feel him unseed deep into me, but we were playing without protection. He thrust a bit more and then pulled himself out. Still kneeling in front of me, he grabs a hold of his manhood and begins stroking. My legs are still on his shoulders and his hand rubs against my clit with every stroke. I bite my lip in eager anticipation of watching him unseed on me.

Lilly and Derek climb out of the hot tub and walk over by my head. She comes up behind him and reaches around him, grabbing his still hard cock and begins to vigorously stroke it, aiming it at me. I can’t help but smile as I realize that I’m going to get to watch two men unseed all over me.

Scott moans as he is the first to cum on me. He sends a stream that lands on my stomach, almost to my breasts and a second big stream falls shorter and lands on hips. He keeps milking every last drop out of him, he made me a mess. Lilly has Derek ready to go and he unseeds a large stream on my breasts, and finishes on my neck and face.

Taking a finger, I wipe the seed off of my chin and lick my finger clean. Reaching down, I take Scotts seed and combining it with Derek’s, I rub the man mixture all over my breasts. I lick my fingers clean like licking icing from a bowl. Lilly reaches down and runs a finger through the seed slurry and licks her finger clean. We both look at each other and smile.

To hear this and some of my other erotic stories read out loud, go to You can also find me on Facebook  under rjredlynn and Twitter @rjredlynn, and if that’s not enough, [email protected]. Add me, say hi, leave a comment. Thanks for reading and a huge thank you to Kayla.

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