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Tortured Babygirl

“Did you edge yourself like I told you to, babygirl?”

She swallowed hard. Gripping the phone tightly, she squeezed her eyes shut as she answered.

“No, Sir. I’m so sorry! I forgot. We came home and everything was just crazy and…and I’m sorry, Sir!”

Babygirl wanted to cry. What would her punishment be? Please don’t let it be corner time, she thought to herself.

“You will edge yourself three times this evening before I arrive, girl.”

Sir practically growled in her ear. Babygirl perked up a bit. She enjoyed edging herself, and since he was coming over to her place tonight, she was sure she’d find relief eventually.

While getting ready for her evening with Sir, babygirl dutifully edged, bringing herself to the brink and backing off just before she came. The final time, she stood in front of her bedroom mirror and watched her hand stroke her pussy and her fingers caress her clit. She shivered in delight at the denial of much needed release.

The doorbell rang. Babygirl ran to answer the door but stopped to collect herself before opening it. Pulling the door open, she smiled knowing the picture she presented for Sir. Dressed only in a men’s dress shirt, the button below her breasts the only one done, she knew she was sexy.

Sir’s eyebrows rose as he looked at babygirl. Surprised to find her this way, the only sign he gave of his pleasure was a low rumbling growl that seemed to emanate directly from his chest.

His eyes quickly took all of her in, appraising every inch of her body. He knew the silky softness of the breasts peeking out at him. He could remember the feel of her dark pink nipples in his mouth. Without checking, he knew her pussy would soft and smooth for him, as well her long, shapely legs. Even her toes were beautiful, her nails painted a dark purple. His babygirl.

Blushing under his scrutiny, babygirl looked down.

“You look delicious, babygirl.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Sir wrapped his arms around babygirl in a tight embrace, molding her body to his. She could feel his desire pressing against her stomach. As they kissed, she rubbed her body against his, moaning low at the back of her throat.

“Is my girl feeling a little needy right now?”

“Mmmmmm, yes, Sir. I need you, Sir.”

With one swift motion, Sir grabbed babygirl’s hand and led her into the bedroom. She smiled to herself, happy that he seemed impatient for her. He lowered himself on her bed, pulling her down with him.

“Lean against me, babygirl.”

She leaned back into Sir’s chest, giggling and wriggling like a puppy. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs wide apart. Still wet from earlier, the cold air on her lips made her gasp. Sir chuckled behind her.

“Anything wrong, babygirl?”

“Um…no, no Sir.”

She stuttered and stammered as she felt him unbutton her shirt, leaving her chest completely exposed. Whimpering, babygirl arched her back a bit, pushing her breasts forward, wordlessly begging to be touched. Sir growled low in his throat.


Babygirl shrieked as Sir’s hand landed on her pussy. SMACK! SMACK! Two more times against her swollen lips.

Whimpering and mewling, she began to lift her hips. As suddenly as the onslaught began, it was over. Sir’s hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed, his fingers punishing her nipples. Babygirl’s head fell back against his shoulder, her eyes closed. She began to gasp and cry out softly.

One hand slowly stroked babygirl’s stomach and down to her mons. She felt Sir’s fingers begin to probe her pussy, finding her soaked.

“I see you’re ready for me, girl.”

“Always, Sir. I’m always ready for you. Please, Sir…please?”

Babygirl wasn’t quite sure what she was asking for, but she wanted whatever Sir was willing to give her. She felt his finger begin to stroke her clit, circling in one direction slowly. She began to whimper softly. His free hand drifted up to her throat, settling lightly around her neck. She sighed, melting against him at the feeling of his hand around her throat, claiming her.

Quickly, she focused on Sir’s finger stroking her clit. First he circled one way, then another, always lightly, barely pressing. As her cries became a little more desperate, he stopped, firmly pressing into her clit. She bucked her hips, trying to force more contact between his hand and her pussy. Undeterred, Sir continued circling babygirl’s clit with just enough pressure that it began to swell and harden but not enough to make her cum all at once.

With infinite patience, Sir tortured babygirl’s clit for several minutes, savoring each of her cries and whimpers. Her pussy was hot to his touch, juices slowly dripping out of her, down to her ass and the bed beneath. Still, he never changed the pace of his movements. The tip of his finger circled in one direction, then the other, then pressed, then circled again, over and over again.

Finally, babygirl’s engorged, tortured clit could take no more. She began to beg, crying and pleading.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, please, Sir, please, please can your slut cum? Mmmmmm, please, please…pleeeeeeeeease, Sir?”

Thrashing beneath his touch, babygirl sobbed with pure need. Sir was torturing her with pleasure. She didn’t think she could take another second.

“Not yet, girl, not yet. You will learn to cum when I am ready for you to cum. Had you edged yourself like I told you earlier, this would be over. You chose to disregard my orders, so you will learn what it means to be truly needy for the orgasm I choose to give you.”

“Oh God, oh God! Pleeeeeeeeeease, Sir, please, I’ll be your good girl, please oh God, ohgodohgodohgod, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Sir??”

Babygirl writhed in Sir’s arms, terrified to cum without permission, desperate to cum. His finger maintained its pace against her clit. Her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her hair plastered to her forehead. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her world centered around her clit and the need to cum.

Sir applied pressure to her clit and lightly squeezed her throat as he growled in her ear.

“Cum for me, you needy little slut. Cum for me NOW!”

At his words, her pussy spasmed and convulsed, cum squirted from her body, soaking Sir’s hand and the bed beneath them. Babygirl screamed her release, her back arching away from him with the force of her orgasm. Aftershocks wracked her body for a minute more. Gasping and panting, she trembled in his arms.

“Th…thank you, Sir…mmmm, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, babygirl. Now…clean up the mess you made.”

Sir brought his hand to babygirl’s mouth. She quickly sucked his fingers into her mouth, licking her cum off his hand, purring with pleasure at the taste of her sex.

“You are such a good girl.”

When Sir’s hand was clean, babygirl turned in his arms, pressing her face into his neck, nuzzling against him. He wrapped his arms around her even tighter, closing his eyes and savoring the moment with his babygirl.


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