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I’m really, really late showing my blogging love for those that have shown me some love. In my meager defense, life exploded over here (all good, I promise!). And I’m late, but I’m here, so hopefully that still counts.

Okay first, the amazing Molly over at Molly’s Daily Kiss named me, ME, as one of her top 20 blogs in 2014. We’ve connected, thanks to Wicked Wednesday, and I am always enamored with her photography and her bravery in her photography. Being named as one of her favorites is a huge honor. Seeing several blogs that I love on her list is really cool, too. Even better, I’ve got some new ones to check out, thanks to her.

Molly's Daily Kiss 20 of 2014

Then, THEN, at nearly the same time, I was honored to be selected in the inaugural class of Bad Girl Bloggers, thanks to HH and Lola over at My Sex Life with Lola. Several days later, Wank of the Day named me in their list, too! Holy hell, y’all.

Part of this award is nominating 3-5 female sex bloggers who epitomize the Bad Girl Blogger award. I have no doubt that anyone I select will also have been nominated before, but here I go:

Cara Thereon – She paints pictures with words in a way that few people will ever match. Her words turn me on, make me feel something, and keep me coming back for more.

Katie Laid Bare – She writes great posts, and anytime she writes about masturbation, she makes me look like an amateur. And y’all know how I feel about masturbation.

Fatal at You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain – I relate to a lot of what she writes about, and she turns me the hell on. A lot.

There are so many other excellent female sex bloggers out there. I always feel like I’m going to forget someone when I make lists like this, and I’m sure I have. Most of the ones we all know have been nominated (go check out HH and Lola’s original post to see what I mean!).



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