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Making Her Own Fireworks #MasturbationMonday #FourthofJuly

“Kylie, come on out to see the fireworks with us! It’ll be great!”

“Uhhh, let’s see. We’ll stand on the top of the parking garage for two hours, drink cheap beer, and have no bathroom. Families with uncontrollable children will be running around and making noise. We won’t leave for fear of losing our ‘perfect spot.’ And it’ll be hot as hell. No thanks. I’ll stay here.”

Cecily rolled her eyes. “Well, don’t say I didn’t try to help my best friend get out of the house and have fun.”

Kylie grinned. “I won’t. I’ll just whine that I was bored.”

Another eye roll, and Cecily headed to the door. “Well, when you do, I’ll remind you of this moment and you’ll have to say ‘You were right, Cecily’ – as usual.”

The screen door banged back and forth as she trotted down the steps to her beat-up but still beloved VW bug. She’d been driving it since high school – many more years ago than either wanted to admit. Everyone knew that car, and usually, both women could be found driving around town, laughing too hard, singing in their worst off-key voices, and generally enjoying shenanigans together.

Until Kylie began to avoid going out, happy to stay home by herself in pajamas glued to Netflix. Cecily loved her friend and wanted things to go back to the way they were, but she had never been the introspective one like Kylie. If it wasn’t plainly stated or thrown in her face, she didn’t know what to do about a problem. And Kylie’s unwillingness to socialize was definitely a problem. In her ever-optimistic way, she figured Kylie would get over it and shake it off – eventually.

Kylie knew Cecily wouldn’t push too hard. She counted on it. As the “thinker” between the two of them – Cecily most definitely being the “do-er” – she knew that until she told Cecily what was going on, her friend would (mostly) leave her alone.

Making sure Cecily was well and truly gone – no turnarounds because she’d forgotten something important, like her wallet or phone – Kylie opened her bedroom window, leaving the curtains closed, and pulled off her shorts and tank top. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn panties or a bra – they felt foreign on her skin during those few times she forced herself to wear them.

Cecily wasn’t wrong that something had changed for Kylie, but she’d probably be shocked to find out that it wasn’t really a problem for her. Finding herself mired down in strange anxieties and worries she couldn’t explain, Kylie had spent more time exploring herself, body and mind. In the process, she’d discovered plenty about herself – good and bad.

During all her thinking and reading, she’d found a sex-crazed fiend underneath her shy, anxious exterior. She spent more time alone because she found something more fulfilling than going out, more relaxing than a trip to the spa, and better than all the Ambien her doctor had prescribed over the years.

And now, with the fireworks going off in the background – Kylie had never understood why Cecily wanted to go out in the crowds to see something easily viewed from her own bedroom – she was going to celebrate her own newly found sexual independence.

Stretched out on her squeaky day bed, something else leftover from those high school days, she spread her legs and dipped her fingers into her already damp pussy. She spent the time waiting for the sun to go down pinching her nipples and stroking her breasts and stomach. Goosebumps raced up and down her body.

A quick look at the clock and she knew time was getting close.

Good, because I’m driving myself nuts!

A cannon boomed. She stroked her clit. When she heard the POP-POP-POP of the fireworks exploding, she fingered her slit. Back and forth, back and forth, BOOM, clit, POP, finger, BOOM, clit.

She brought herself to the brink only to deny herself release, using the sounds of the fireworks as her cue. Her body trembled. Her toes curled. Muffling her cries against neighbors who may be watching the show, she thrashed around on the bed, desperate for release and equally desperate to wait until the perfect moment.

The show was building to a crescendo, the booms and pops now overlapping. Kylie’s fingers blurred against her pussy. She would never know for sure if she’d made it to the end, as she stroked her clit one last time and the world around her exploded. The night sky lit up as bright as the lights behind her eyelids. Forgetting the open window and the potential neighbors, Kylie screamed out in pleasure as her entire body convulsed.

Her heels dug into the bed, the sheets and blanket twisted around her body. And still she refused to release her body, forcing the first orgasm, and then a second, and a third. Her body jack-knifed off the bed as the last release gushed from her body, coating her hand and thighs in slick juices.

Kylie collapsed, gasping for breath, still shaking as waves of aftershocks coursed through her body.

“Well, well, well.” Cecily was leaning against the door frame. “I knew if I swung back around, I might figure out what your deal was.”

Sputtering and struggling to sit up, Kylie tried to be angry but was too spent for much more than a glare.

“I have to say, Kylie, that was a much better show than any fireworks display.” Cecily walked to the side of the bed and looked down on her friend’s naked form. “You should have told me so I could enjoy the whole thing.”

Kylie’s eyes widened in surprise. “Don’t be shocked, bestie. I’ve wondered if you’d ever let this side of yourself out, and if I’d be lucky enough to see it for myself.”

Cecily stroked Kylie’s leg, stopping an inch away from her glistening cunt, bare and pink. She leaned down, her breath warm on Kylie’s skin.

When her mouth hovered over Kylie’s clit, Cecily finally met Kylie’s astonished face. “May I?”

Unable to speak, Kylie nodded her head. The encore would likely prove to be better than the show, and neither wanted to miss it.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday and Happy Fourth of July to all of us in the U.S. celebrating! This week prompt wasn’t very red, white, and blue, but I figured on Masturbation Monday, you’re almost always guaranteed fireworks of some sort. Okay, now, go forth and read what other writers are sharing today – I’m sure someone else has a fireworks show for you, too. 

Masturbation Monday

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