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Warming Up with a Bunny

Foreplay doesn’t usually begin in the home improvement store. Except this time it did.

I’d pulled out a new toy (the Bwild Deluxe Bunny – received in exchange for an honest review), finally feeling up to a few good self-induced orgasms. Sure, I could have played with it at any time – John Brownstone long ago gave me permission to have more orgasms and masturbate more often. But I prefer it when he’s with me.

So there I was, getting it ready, finally unboxing it, assuming I would plug it in to charge it before bed. Clearly, I’ve been spoiled. Many toys still require batteries – the Bwild is one of them.

When I pointed out my lack of batteries, he could have said that it would have to wait until the next day when we had errands planned. Instead, his eyes lit up and he readily agreed that we desperately needed batteries, immediately if not sooner.

A few hours later, I had batteries, and he had wood to make a few paddles.

“Here, hold my wood.”

Me, giggling: “I like holding your wood, but I like it better when you hold it yourself.”

He growled. On aisle whatever of a big box home improvement store, my Daddy Dom growled, y’all.

We played back and forth like that through the store. He even smacked my ass a couple of times. Rawr.

Later that night, after the kids were tucked in bed and sleeping, just before I could feel myself getting sleepy…

“Daddy, I’m ready.”

“Ok, have fun.” He kept reading on the couch.

“Wait, you’re not going to watch me?!”

His look of surprise was shocking. Had he actually thought I wanted to do this alone? Sure, it’s a rabbit massager and meant to be used alone, but we’re a team. And hell, I know he gets turned on watching. Just as I get turned on masturbating for him.

“Oh, sure I will. Give me a minute.”

His words earlier still had me a little worked up. Every time I thought of his “wood” I giggled and then squirmed. Mostly, I wanted us to be naked together, and I wanted to orgasm and then I wanted to find out what he’d do next.

He turned on all the lights in our bedroom. It made me feel more naked than my lack of clothes. “Oh, Babygirl, if you want me to watch, I’m not going to miss a thing.”

Well, I couldn’t really argue with that.

I turned on the bunny and played with the settings. Three steady ones (low, middle, and high) and three rhythmic pulses. The entire thing – rabbit ears and dildo – hummed in my hand. This was going to be good.

We laid down on the bed. This is where I tend to feel awkward, thinking there should be something sexy happening, but I hadn’t come with a toy in my hand in a while. I wanted to get down to the wet business of orgasming. I don’t remember saying anything to him. Instead, I placed the tip of the dildo against my clit and turned it on.

I was more than ready.

My hips began to move. I gripped the sheets. My mouth fell open. And then I changed it to a higher setting.

Oh yessssssssss.

Clenched toes, quivering stomach, spasming pussy. One orgasm down, but before inserting it, I wanted more. I hit the highest setting and pressed it firmly into my clitoris. Another small one, then another, then another.

I choked back a scream of pleasure.

Now, I was ready to insert it. It went in with a quiet slurp. The rabbit ears against my clit were different. Not good, not bad, just different.

Soon the vibrations pulsing against my g-spot and my clit drowned out everything else. I clutched the iron bars of our headboard. My head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. I squeaked and squealed, and then swallowed screams.

Every orgasm was a small one, but enough that they set my body rocking and quivering. I fucked myself with the toy, changing the settings from the highest one to the one I dubbed the “tease.”


Small buzzes worked up to one long one that was never quite enough to bring me to climax. I both hated and loved it. I wanted that setting to get me off, but instead it drove me wild until I was ready to beg a bright blue toy for an orgasm.

I thanked whatever deities watching that John Brownstone wasn’t in charge of this one. He would never have changed the setting from the “tease.”

I drove myself wild with almost but not quite coming, and then forced two or three with that high, steady vibration. Back and forth, back and forth, until my orgasms became painful and body quaked.

When I finally had enough, I struggled to pull the bunny out of my body. The rabbit ears were wedged against my clit, and the dildo was firmly entrenched in my pussy. I tugged, and it came out. My body shook with aftershocks.

I gasped and panted as I threw the toy to the side. I wanted to sleep.

“You’re done?” His voice brought me back to reality. I’d almost forgotten he was there with me, watching the show.

“Yeah, no more. I can’t take any more.”


He said not another word as he rose up off the bed and nestled between my thighs. If I thought I was done for the night, I was sadly mistaken. He was just getting warmed up.

And that is where I’ll leave you. But there’s more, and you’ll get the licking and fucking half of the story for Masturbation Monday tomorrow.

About the Bwild Deluxe Bunny

The Bwild Deluxe Bunny made by Bswish is officially my first rabbit. Most of what I’ve played with have been dildos, vibrators, or clitoral vibrators, and those are still some of my favorite. This bright blue beauty, which also comes in pink or a teal color, takes AAA batteries (if I’d read the box before I’d opened it, I wouldn’t have been so surprised). I was a little disappointed batteries weren’t included, but I think that’s because I’ve been spoiled by all the rechargeable toys lately.

It’s a soft silicone toy but very solid. There’s a weight to it when you hold it in your hand – it’s substantial without being massive. This thing slid right into my body and against my clit. Toward the end, it was painful against my clit, and I don’t think I’m a fan of the rabbit ears pressed against my body like that. It doesn’t seem to be a design problem more of a preference thing. I tend to hold toys with a tight grip, especially as I’m coming, and I think I pressed it too hard against my body.

I honestly don’t know if the orgasms were from my g-spot or clit or a combo. They weren’t overly wet ones which is common when I have multiple clitoral orgasms. Based on what I saw when I went to clean it up, I definitely creamed all over it, but not in what I consider my “usual” way – wet, gushy, and slippery. The orgasms were small but powerful, enough that I really would have gone to sleep after I played if John Brownstone hadn’t had other plans.

Overall, it’s a decent toy. It comes with a bag to keep it in between sessions which I appreciate. I might not be a fan of rabbits but I don’t think that’s the Bwild’s fault. I’ll find out soon enough because I have another rabbit to test out in the next couple of weeks, and based on what I’ve seen so far, the Bwild may win the contest between the two.

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