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The Small Moments in Life

enjoying small moments in life like a sunset

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I’m a go-go-go kind of person (if you hadn’t noticed). Once I’m focused on a goal and a method to get there, the blinders go on, and I see very little else. But I’m slowly learning to take notice of and appreciate the small moments in life.

Beautiful flowers blooming on a wild bush over a forgotten sidewalk.

That moment when a hair stylist washes my hair, as I lie back over the sink.

The feel of a warm hand on the small of my back, holding my elbow, or cupping my ass.

Soft skin under curious fingertips, seeking out every sensitive spot, simply for the pleasure of it.

My kids’ genuine, open belly laughs.

The satisfying click-clack of a keyboard when the words just flow.

Random text messages from him that say, “I love you, babygirl.”

A moment of raw connection made over the internet.

Two strangers realizing they have something in common.

The smell of fresh cut grass.

Holding his hand and feeling safe.

That single moment when no anxious thoughts pummel my mind and all is quiet. I can feel the sun on my face and the ground beneath my feet. His love surrounds me, the world is a kind place, and life is good.

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  • I’ve noticed you taking more notice of the small things of late and I like it. It especially was noticable last week in the botanical gardens when you were looking at the plants and flowers and asking questions about them 😊

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