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Into Oblivion #MasturbationMonday

At the end of the longest, most stressful day I can remember having, when asked what I needed from him, all I could do was wail, “Please don’t ask me to make any more decisions!”

I had sobbed myself dry into his chest, tear stains dotting his shirt. The day had been long and overwhelming. I’d had to face personal demons and be a Wonder Woman without rest. I had no more to give.

Once upstairs, he laid me over his knee and spanked me until I sobbed again, tears coming from deep within, a place I didn’t even recognize. I thought I’d cried myself out – I was wrong. I was so deep in my own mental misery, he’d been able to spank harder than usual. Each impact jarring my entire body. I’d only sighed each time his palm made contact with my flesh. Until I didn’t. Until he’d spanked me so hard, it had to have hurt his hand, that’s when the pain penetrated my brain, and I cracked wide open again.

He helped me into bed. I’d become boneless as the demons in my mind finally quieted for a time.

Lightly, sweetly, his fingers grazed my pussy as he stood by my side of the bed. I hissed and arched. My legs opened for him. My body was kindling waiting for a spark. His touch ignited a fire. He ran a finger along my slit. My hips pushed forward. He circled my clit, and my thighs opened wider. I needed his touch.

The swirling on my clit alone wasn’t enough. I was too far gone in my mind, dancing on the edge of oblivion. Wet and open, two fingers slid effortlessly into my pussy. Aggressively, he tapped my g-spot. Just as my mind awoke to the burning in my body, his thumb pressed against my clit. I screeched out a plea for release.

“Cum for me, babygirl.”

Grasping the iron rods of the bed frame, twisting my body back and forth, my thighs clamped down on his hand and arm and I squirted and gushed my release. My entire being experienced the climax. I collapsed against the bed, spent, my mind dark and quiet.

I felt the mattress sink next to me. He pulled me against him, arching my back to enter me from behind.

“Ohhhhhh” was all I managed.

“You didn’t think I was done, did you, babygirl?”

I mumbled something incoherent as he slid smoothly into my weeping cunt. Long strokes were followed by harsh thrusts. He gripped my hips in a bruising crush. His fingers snaked through my hair, yanking my head back, holding me in place as he took what was his.

I lost sense of time passing. My world narrowed down to the in-and-out motions of cock against cunt. I was pieces and parts. There was nothing whole about me.

With a grunt and growl, he arched his back and thrust one final time, cumming deep inside my body.

Finally there was silence. I drifted in oblivion, uncaring and unknowing what went on around me. The worries of the day were far away and inconsequential. He marked me, claimed me as his. No babygirl, no Wonder Woman, no mother existed anymore. Only a shell of woman spent and exhausted who cared nothing for what came next. Bliss.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Last Friday was a crazy day for me, but I was well taken care of in the end. Hopefully that got your juices flowing. Go check out the main page for more hot posts and erotic stories.

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