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A Good Night #MasturbationMonday

When I bent over the bed, waiting for our evening routine to begin, I honestly thought he would spank my ass a few times, tickle my feet to torture me, and then tell me it was time for bed. That’s what we do. Well, most of the time.

Well, he spanked my ass until it was cherry red and burning hot. Each blow created a squeak, a whimper, a shriek, and eventually, a muffled scream into the blankets. He chuckled. I gripped the sheets tighter.

The last smack across my ass sent me flying onto my stomach, landing flat across the bed. I saw it as admitting defeat. He saw it as an opportunity.

Moments later, he stood in front of me, his cock in my face, begging to be tasted. I opened my mouth, aching to feel the silky steel of his body on my tongue. He complied. I slurped and drooled. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. My eyes watered, my pussy melted, and his cock grew even harder.

Now that I’d had a taste, the first in a long time, I was greedy for more. Always the sadist, he denied us both.

He walked back around to the other side of the bed and lifted my hips up. I was soaked. The smell of sex wafted around us. His or mine? Maybe both. He slid two fingers into my cunt. The greedy thing squelched for him. I groaned.

He began a familiar tap-tap-tap. It felt good, but he wasn’t quite there. I was turned on but not lit on fire. Not yet. Patience is one of his virtues. He finger-fucked me, changing tempo and pressure, until another familiar feeling washed over me, a burning pressure threatening to explode.

“Please? Oh…God…please?” Words weren’t forming the way I needed them to. “Mmmm, please, please, pleasepleaseplease?”

“Please what, babygirl?” His voice was as smooth as his fingers were rough.

“PleasecanIcome?!” I squealed the words out in a rush, terrified my orgasm would crash down on me before I received permission.

“Yes, babygirl.”

My thighs squeezed tight. My pussy spasmed. I screeched and writhed as hot juices gushed from my body.

He seized my hips and pulled me towards him one more time. His cock slid deep inside, thrusting and pumping even as I continued to gasp for air, still spiraling from the explosion caused by his insistent fingers.

His fingers twined through my hair, the smell of my own sex, coating his hand, hovering just over my head. He pulled my head back, immobilizing me as he fucked me harder and harder.

Long moments passed, moments I no longer remember except for the pain in my scalp and the pleasure in my cunt. Finally, he roared his own pleasure before collapsing on top of me, panting and gasping for air.

I reached back and stroked his hip. “Feeling better, Daddy?”

A “Mmmm” was all I got in return. I smiled. It was a good night.

I had to go back in time a little for this one. We’ve had almost no kinky fuckery around here for more than week thanks to a “lingering sinus infection” – or so my doctor called it – and I’ve been doped up on antiobiotics and a very nasty cough syrup with horrible side effects. Yuck. Yes, this happened on a random night. Maybe it was a Tuesday, I don’t know. But even after all this time later, it’s still hot to think about. Now, enough about me, go forth and read the smutty goodness you can always find on Masturbation Monday!

Masturbation Monday

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