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A Day in the Life of a Slave #GuestPost #BDSM

It’s not often that I get something in my inbox that intrigues me enough to want to share it with everyone. But it happens, and this particular guest post from a male slave named Richard in service to his Mistress.

The male submissive/female Dominant dynamic is something I don’t know a lot about, but I enjoy the peek that this guest post gives. It’s a fascinating look that most of us might never get to see. Check it out, and if you’re as intrigued as I am, feel free to follow Richard on Twitter (@richardslave81) or take a look at his Mistress’s website:

A Day in the Life of a Slave

I spend my time finding things to do to please my Mistress and I’ll do anything. As long as it pleases Her, I’ll do it, whether it be buying a her gifts, cleaning Her house, cooking for Her – whatever She wants. A happy Mistress means a happy slave. Most of the time it would be mundane to share, but this happened one day last month:

I was with Mistress heading to the shops – any sub who’s laid eyes on Her would agree this is a privilege – when She got a call from a client wanting a session later that day. She told him She wouldn’t be able to arrange such a session at short notice. I asked Her what had happened and She said he wanted forced-bi but She couldn’t couldn’t get another man at such short notice. I told Her that She could: I’d never done it before but I will do anything to make Her happy, so She arranged for it to happen later that day.

After shopping and a quick cleaning of Her house by me, I accompanied Her to the dungeon where She works. I like the fact that I am treated as a personal slave, not a client, so get to see behind the curtain, so to speak, and make Her cups of tea while She chats with the other Mistresses in Her regular clothes.

She did soon get changed though into a stunning latex skirt, chest-hugging top and high heels. She is the most beautiful person I know and looks stunning in anything, but the change signified that She was now ready for a session. My heart raced; my cock – now Her property, so Her cock – stirred at the thought. I was ordered to undress and place myself on the floor. I was cuffed and collared. The anticipation was killing me – what would She do to me?

(As a professional, Mistress will have some sort of prior agreement with clients, but I’m not a client; I am Her property and She knows She has carte blanche to do whatever She wants.)

What Mistress wanted was to give me a thoroughly good corporal punishing. My arse was beaten with all sorts of canes and straps until She was satisfied that the colouring and bruising would keep for a good few days. (I loved the feeling of sitting and being reminded of Her afterwards.) Next, She wanted to do some CBT and general teasing, which given it was two months since She last allowed me to orgasm was quite a tease indeed. A few kicks to Her balls later and I was told to put on my boxers and wait in the other room until the client arrived.

In the other room I was wearing cuffs, a collar, boxers and the embarrassing noticeable effect of the teasing I had just received. I still hadn’t been allowed an orgasm so the boxers did nothing much to hide what was going on underneath. Given that I was then left in a room with two women I barely knew and ordered to sit on the floor, this was a little uncomfortable at first. Nevertheless, after an hour or so of chatting while Mistress entertained the client it seemed less strange. Then Mistress returned. I know exactly what She looks like, yet I’m always blown away. It was the first time I’d seen Her wearing a rather large strap-on: “You’re needed.”

Being needed by Mistress – there is no greater fulfilment I know. I wouldn’t normally go into a room to engage in oral sex with a man, but for Mistress I would do anything, anything at all and be grateful to have the chance.

I walked in and saw a man who had been thoroughly humiliated, looking rather sheepish. Covered in piss – his own, from what I could tell, fed via a baby’s bottle – he didn’t really know where to look. At Mistress’ perfect arse through Her panties and strap on holder seemed as good a place as any.

“Do you want to kiss My arse, do you?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” he mumbled.

“Well then, you’d better earn it then, hadn’t you? Now get sucking that cock.” She pointed at me.

He seemed reluctant, but gave it a pecking kiss. It was my first time and the main thing I noticed was how his facial hair felt. It’d only been girls who’d kissed it before, so this was new. I wasn’t as hard as when I’d left the room an hour earlier, but then Mistress told him to look at Her and asked him: “you want to please me don’t you, slut? Well, I want you to suck that cock and make it cum.” Then she turned to me and asked how long it’d been since Her cock had cum. Two months. Then She turned back to him. I was just a pawn in Her game; this was nothing to do with me or my needs, which made Her cock twitch. “Kiss those balls. Feel how big and swollen they are. That’s it. Now work the shaft…” Mistress was directing a man how to give me a blowjob and the realisation hit me that this is what my sex life will be like from now on. I’m just a slave who may get some action if one of my Mistress’s male clients asks for it, otherwise I’m chaste. The self-realisation hit and the cock of Hers he was now sucking was hard.

“That’s good, slut. If you can make him cum maybe you’ll get to cum too.” He deep-throated me. “That’s it. Good sissy slut. Take his whole cock.” I’m neither small, nor huge, but the 6/7 inches or so were enough to make him gag. Still he wasn’t finished and went back for more. Was I going to climax in a man’s mouth? I wasn’t sure. Then Mistress ordered him to stop.

More words of humiliation were dished out to him and he was told to lie on his back. She sat over him, spitting and pouring piss on his face. Seeing Mistress so dominant was a real turn on and I’m always so submissive to Her anyway, so I didn’t hesitate when I was told to go to work on his cock while he lay on his back. Mistress was standing over him giving him the most humiliating experience of his life, while I sucked his cock. The man was in his element: a pig in shit, metaphorically. Literally, he was a man – a man, dear me what am I doing – covered in his own piss and I was lapping up this piss as there wasn’t really a way to avoid it while giving him a nosh.

After a while, I was dismissed and sent back to the other room while Mistress finished off the session. No orgasm for me after all.

I was back in the room I had felt embarrassed in previously; being covered in another man’s piss and informed I am now officially a cock sucker by Mistress’ colleagues did little to ease such feelings.

I was sat in there for quite a while, while Mistress made sure the client enjoyed himself. She always debriefs with clients afterwards to get feedback from the session and check they are ok. Her aftercare is remarkable. Despite her dominance and sadism, Mistress is a very considerate and caring person. As it happened, Mistress went on so long that the dungeon was closing and we had to leave before I could be debriefed. The only debriefing I got at first was when we stopped at the lights and Mistress made cocksucker faces from Her car to mine, which amused us both, although I hadn’t quite come to terms with what had happened.

I pulled over a minute later. I had had my arse properly beaten for the first time, I’d spent my day explaining for the first time to people that I now live as a slave and I’d engaged in a homosexual oral session for the first time. And now my Mistress – the person for whom I’d done it all – was making fun of me further, without a thought for the fact that none of it was anywhere near my comfort zone. Why was I doing this? Am I a fool? As I drove home, it dawned on me that Mistress didn’t check on me partly due to lack of time, but more due to the fact that She considered me Her slave and knew that’s what I wanted. Or had She? My head was spinning.

Then I got a text: You did so well today and You made Your Mistress really proud. Thank you x

And at that point i must’ve been the happiest man in the world and knew I wouldn’t hesitate to do anything similar again. I’d arrived at the point I’d spent the last year persuading Mistress to let me be – Her personal slave. This week I got the call again: I’m needed by my Mistress for a session…

PS Mistress and I have discussed things afterwards. While I hate to be needy in any way, She does look out for my welfare as a person, as well as a slave.

Sooo? What do you think? Fascinating, isn’t it? It’s definitely a peek I’ve never had before.

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  • This is an interesting read and nicely written. A quite extreme situation really.

    Just looked at the website though and the Mistress looks great.

  • I love this article. It does leave me with a few questions though and is both exciting and a little disturbing, but clearly consensual.

    It would be interesting to hear more from him about their relationship. A future podcast on the like would be good.

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