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My Long Journey with Condoms #WickedWednesday

I have a strange history with condoms.

During my nine-year marriage, it was the easiest way to have sex with no fuss, no muss. (I had a thing about bodily fluids and hated having semen touch me which sounds funny to me now.) I didn’t even want to have sex with my (now) ex-husband. The lubrication on the condom meant I didn’t have to be all that wet. Plus, he was the one responsible for clean up.

If I was “forced” to have sex with him – it was always my own choice, but it was easier to fuck once every couple of weeks than put up with his moods – it was going to be with a condom.

Except there was the time the condom broke (the one time we didn’t use Trojans), and now I have a sweet, endearing, goofy 10 year old as a result.

Once I became single, condoms were a source of protection – well, some protection – but I hated using them. The (few) men I chose to have sex with were people I had a connection with. I wanted to feel all of them, every cell, every stroke, yes, even their sticky fluids coating the inside of my body.

I admit it, stupid as it sounds, knowing what I know about sexual health and STDs (one of the better by-products of being a child of the 90s), I didn’t always use one. I’ve been really, really lucky that I never got anything.

Now, with John Brownstone, knowing we’re healthy and well, condoms are actually a treat, almost like a new thing to try. We have a few we’ve been sent (thank gawd for samples!). Flavored ones. Colored ones. Glow-in-the-dark ones. They’re either there for a “special occasion” when we’re feeling silly or if we’re ever in the position of inviting someone over. I don’t know which.

So yeah, I don’t really have a relationship with condoms anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing. The old memories of needing one, using them because it was better than any other alternative, have been wiped away. I don’t think of condoms much, but when I do, they’re for fun…which is probably what they were supposed to be for all along.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was all about condoms – not something I think of often, but with which I have some history.

Wicked Wednesday

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  • Jeez I hate the things.
    I used to have no problem filling them with cum, but now I just can’t. And I’ve tried the thinnest og the thin. The sheathes that are most praised for being sensational. (I must get round to writing the post reviewing of the brands I’ve tried recently.)
    I do wonder what it will be like if wWe ever fo back to bareback – will that make a difference, or am I just done for?

    • You know yourself, of course, but my first thought is about how much sex is about the mental and emotional, as much as the physical. Could it be that if you get to be bareback with her, it will be better because the lack of condom will be meaningful in a different kind of way? On the other hand, if she became more willing and receptive, would condoms bother you less because of the connection you’d be creating with her? Maybe one day you’ll know for sure.

  • Like you, I’ve been happy not to get anything from the times I did things without protection. I don’t mind if a condom is used, but I definitely like the feel of skin more than the feel of latex 😉

    Rebel xox

  • Like you, once I found someone that I had a strong connection to (my husband) we tossed out the condoms. I got an IUD and we’ve been condomless, minus using them for anal or with toys.

    • I loooooove my IUD (the having it inserted part, not so much). And it’s nice to not have to worry about condoms for every single sexual encounter, isn’t it? 🙂

  • There are some really strong similarities between our posts on this subject, although I never minded the mess (that was actually his issue) I am glad that condoms are pretty much not in my life anymore


    • I’m over the mess now. Well, it’s not my favorite, but I don’t get the yucky shivers anymore, lol.

      I’m glad condoms aren’t a necessity – for any reason, that’s for sure. 😀

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