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The Business of Writing About Sex: January 2016

The Business of Writing About Sex

And like that, we blinked, January was gone, February arrived, and this year is rolling along. What. In. The. Hell?

Well, I’ve gotten over my personal identity crises (of which there were many last month), and I’m working towards a bunch of goals. Since January was my month to implement and plan, they might not be reflected in the numbers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk about them. Ha!

So….what happened in January?

A Sexual Being

Total views: 13,217

Total posts: 21

Top post of the month: A Good Night (a Masturbation Monday post, of course!)

If you don’t usually go to the main site (maybe you read this in email or from your phone), check out the main page. I’ve reorganized the menu items, added some banners and visuals and basically done “stuff.”

Masturbation Monday

Total views: 14,190

Total posts shared: 70

I schedule prompts a month at a time, but if you’re a photographer (amateur or not) or you just love sharing your erotic photos, I’d love to feature you and your site one week. Contact me if you’re interested!

Erotic Author

Amazon: 15

Barnes & Noble: 2

Whoa, not a great month, but I’ve been getting my butt in gear with promotion, and I’ve got Madame Gretchen published in places other than Amazon now so I think that will make a difference, but Family Ties (the 3rd Sir and Babygirl book) is now on All Romance. Next month will definitely be better!

Sex Writing

Where was I in January? Let’s see….

Private Kink vs. Public Consent (

Masturbation Isn’t Cheating (

Needing permission to go out with family (

Alcohol and Kink Don’t Mix (

Loving BDSM Podcast

One of my goals last month was to figure out how to determine my stats as a whole, and I did it! But I didn’t get it set up until February, so no numbers to report in January, but the February numbers look great. It’s possible many, many more people are listening than I ever realized. SQUEEEEEE!!

Earning a Living as a Sex Writer

So I have this big humongo dream/goal. I want to be a full-time novelist at some point in the future. Or is that novella-ist since I write shorter books? I don’t know, but that’s what I want to do.

At the same time, I want to spend more time in the kink space as Kayla Lords and less in the vanilla space – although I have 4 (yes 4) book ideas there, too.

In order to make my big hairy ass dreams come true, I need to earn more money in different ways that don’t require that I take on even more work (since that reduces the time I can spend on writing and creating in this space) and can grow on their own. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Affiliate Links: If you visit this site directly, you may have seen a new disclaimer on the sidebar that talks about affiliate links. I’ve joined a couple of programs and if I’m linking to a toy, product, or service, it’s probably an affiliate link. That means that if someone clicks on that link, goes to the website, and makes some kind of purchase, I make a commission. You don’t pay any more than you would normally, and you help a sister out. Plus, as an affiliate, I may get discount codes that you can use to make purchases. Who doesn’t love a discount?

Banner Ads: Some banner ads are affiliate links (see above) or they’re paid advertising from different companies. If you use ad blockers on your browser or phone you might not see them. That’s cool, too.

Sponsored Posts/Podcasts: I’ve been doing these for a while, and it means someone paid to have me link, mention, or otherwise find a way to promote their business within one of my posts. I try to make these types of posts clear to you as a reader.

Patreon: This is something new. If you look in the side bar or scroll to the very bottom of the post, you’ll see a button asking for you to support me on Patreon (<== click that link!). It’s a way to help support the creative work I do – especially when there aren’t any new books to buy – and help me do more.

I’m going to talk more about Patreon and my thoughts on it in a later post, but I wanted to mention it here.

Will the book sales, the articles, the affiliate links, or Patreon help me get to my big hairy ass goal? I don’t know, but if I never try, I’ll never know for sure.

Update 12-5-18

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