Just Another Day

I read something this morning that gave me the perfect perspective on today (and turned me on in the process). I’ll wait while you read it. No really, go. It’s good.

Today is just another day.

Would I have loved flowers? Of course I would! I’m a girl, aren’t I? But, I’d love flowers any day of the year, not just on a Hallmark holiday.

Would I have loved to have gone out to a nice restaurant for dinner? Hell yeah! But, I’d like that on a random Friday night, too. And frankly, I went out with the two most loving little men I know. Who cares that they giggled about the “naked” chicken wings and watched Cartoon Network on the big TV on the wall while we ate? Frankly, that was the best dinner out I’ve had in a while. Ahhh, peace.

Would I love to go to sleep tonight wrapped in someone’s arms after a round of amazing, kinky, D/s play and sex? God, yes! I want that 365 days a year, though, not just one night a year.

So, yeah, would it be nice to be someone’s Valentine? Sure it would. Am I falling all over myself with grief? Nope. It’s just another day. It’s no different than yesterday or tomorrow.

But, because I do care about all of you, I say with complete sincerity – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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