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He Owns Her Orgasms #SponsoredPost

“It looks like an alien monster that wants to crawl into my body and devour me.” She hid her face in my shoulder, turning away from the brightly colored toys plastered across the website. “It kind of freaks me out.”

“Awww, sweet girl, the only thing that’s going to devour you is me.” I pinched a nipple until she squeaked. “These are to make the experience more fun, and give you even more orgasms.”

She blinked up at me. For a grown woman, her babygirl side could appear so innocent. I knew the kinky freak lurking underneath, though.

“Look, little one, what about this?” I pointed to the small pink bullet on the screen. “That doesn’t seem so scary, does it?”

Her pupils dilated, overshadowing the crystal blue of her eyes. She was imagining a buzzing against her clit, I was sure of it. When the tip of her tongue darted between her lips, my cock swelled in response.

I inhaled. God damn, she was wet. Her smell of her desire wafted in the air.

“Well? Aren’t you going to answer your Sir?” I let my voice deepen, knowing her reaction would be strong.

Tight nipples. Flushed skin. Oh yeah, my girl was turned on.

She barely managed a nod, her eyes glued to the screen but her thoughts far away.

There was no way I was letting this opportunity slip by. I stroked her lip until she opened up and sucked my finger. She closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. Pulling away, I trailed my wet finger down her neck, loving the goosebumps that raced across her skin.

She was already naked for me, had been for a while. Hell, I’d already fucked her on the bed and in the shower.

Had she had an orgasm? Hmmm, no, I made her wait. For this moment. The right moment always appears if you’re patient enough.

“Think of that buzzing against your clit, little one.” I pinched her nipple again, knowing it was tender.

She whimpered.

“I’ll finger that sweet little cunt with two – ” She groaned. “No, three fingers, fill you up. Would you like that?”

I traced a swirling pattern down her torso, playing with her belly button for just a second, long enough to make her giggle and shift.

“You won’t be allowed to come until I say so. Who do your orgasms belong to, girl?”

Her breath hitched in her throat. My attention on her pussy, swollen and wet, I heard her whisper, “You, Sir.”

I stroked up one side of her labia. “That’s right, girl.” Then down the other side. “Mine.”

Her knees fell further apart, opening up her body further. God, her smell was enough to make me come.

Still wet with my come, two fingers slid in easily. Her head fell back. I knew the moment I touched her clit, she’d explode on me. The smell of her sex. The moisture clinging to her folds. The flush in her skin. She was on the edge, and I’d barely begun.

“But will I let you come? Do you think you deserve to come?”

I didn’t expect an answer. It was a rhetorical question, and she was already losing herself. I underestimated my girl, though.

With trembling knees and cunt swelling under my hand, she screeched, “Please, Sir, oh God, please can I come? Pleeeeeeeeeease?”

I pressed my thumb into her clit and held her still.

“Come for me, girl, if you can.”

She ground her pelvis against my hand to create much needed friction on her clit. It must have been just enough because her muscles contracted, her toes curled, and her sweet juices filled my hand.

Later, after I have her clean my fingers with that sweet pink tongue, we’ll figure out which toy she should try first. Much later. Right now, I think my girl’s been good enough for a few more orgasms.

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