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Getting Lucky Together #MasturbationMonday

The sun was barely up the first time we tried. Well, he tried. Sweet, barely there touches down my side, over my hip, and against my mound. I remember whimpering, then I remember very little.

I’d fallen back asleep.

The next time, I wrapped my leg around his legs, my arm around his waist. In that position, I was able to reach down and wrap my fingers around his cock. My fingers strummed against his glans before wrapping around his shaft.

Nothing. A snore.

I drifted back to sleep, slightly disappointed.

My eyes fluttered open. The room was brighter. He was more insistent.

Now it was his turn to strum and stroke. His ankle hooked around mine, pulling my legs apart.

His touch was just as light as before. I quivered in his arms, conscious of noise in adjoining rooms, terrified of coming apart at the seams with one stroke across my clit.

Seeking, playing, touching, he brought me to the brink.

“Please, oh God, please, Daddy. PleasemayIcome? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?” I whispered between gritted teeth.

“Come for me, girl.”

Tremors started in my core and spread across my body. Muscles convulsed. Toes curled. Mouth opened in silent scream.

Three. Four. Five. They rolled into each other. Lights danced behind my eyes. When the final orgasm released me, I melted into the bed.

He was only warming up.

A finger slipped inside my body. Then another.

Squelching, wet noises filled the room.

I moaned.

One hand gripped my hair, holding my head back. The other snaked up my body until his wet fingers were at my lips. I sucked greedily, tasting myself on his skin.

He pushed me forward, pulling my hips towards his pelvis. I was so wet, he slipped in with ease. He thrust slowly, in and out. In. Out.

Impatient as ever, I thrust my ass back, pushing against him, silently demanding (begging?) for more.

In. Out. In. Out.

I pushed back again. I arched my back more, hoping for a deeper angle, anything more than his slow and steady pace.

He stopped.

Uh oh. Was I too greedy? Too demanding?

With a growl, he flipped me again, this time to my stomach, pulling me towards him. On my knees, my chest pressed into the bed, my back arched impossibly so, he slammed his cock deep.

Another growl from him. A contented sigh from me.

With each thrust, I gripped the sheets a little tighter and clenched my jaw against the screams of pleasure threatening to erupt.

Just as I thought I couldn’t maintain the position another second or bear the delicious friction between our bodies, he thrust once, twice, a third time, and with a low groan, came deep and hard.

A smack on the ass, a kiss on the cheek, and a giggle, and we were ready to begin our day.

Post Script:

Later the same day, we were walking out of a big box store, purchases in hand – a new blender and toaster. In the trunk, a fan for the garage. We were chatting about this and that.

“Well, I got lucky at least once today.” He said it in the middle of our discussion about the purchases we made (that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it).

“Yes, you did, that fan – .” He gave me a quizzical look. “Ohhhh! You weren’t talking about finding the fan for cheap, were you?”

He threw his head back and laughed. I blushed as his real meaning dawned on me.

“Uh, no, Babygirl, I wasn’t.”

I can laugh at myself pretty easily. “Well, to prove how silly I am. I thought ‘Yep, he got lucky with the fan and I got lucky with my new blender!'”

“And much earlier, we both got lucky together.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Yes, I’m a silly girl sometimes – one who definitely got lucky after our slow start. Okay, enough about me. Go check out this week’s smutty reads from the other Masturbation Monday writers and find something new to turn you on.

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Masturbation Monday

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