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From Masturbation Shame to Sex Toy Collection | John Brownstone Interview

When I was asked to write a post about “male masturbation” and the new masturbator, Turboo from Tracy’s Dog – made to help reimagine pleasure and destigmatize sex toys for cis-men – I knew it wasn’t quite the right thing for me to discuss. One, because “male” doesn’t automatically mean “penis” so what exactly is male masturbation? Two, because every human has a different experience with masturbation, orgasm, and sexual pleasure. I don’t want to discuss generalities about nameless, faceless people. I’d rather focus on one man’s experience with masturbation, who just so happens to be the best man I know: John Brownstone.

Being the wonderfully indulgent partner and Daddy Dom that he is, he sat down for an interview with me to answer my nosy questions about his masturbation experience. (Yes, we sat across from one another and I scribbled notes as he answered my questions like a real interview).

When was the first time you masturbated?

I was 12 or 13 and had to hide what I was doing. My parents were very sexually repressed and didn’t “approve.”

Didn’t approve?

When I entered puberty, at about the same age, I had my first wet dream. I got in trouble for it when my mom discovered the stained sheets. After that, I hid anything having to do with masturbation.

How long did that need to “hide” last?

Well certainly through my childhood until I moved out to live on my own at 18.

Did you hide your masturbation habits from partners?

Yes, definitely. In my previous marriage, it was a don’t ask, don’t tell situation. She knew I masturbated, but we never talked about it.

You’re pretty open with me. When did you decide to no longer hide?

In my early 50s, when I met you. You never judged me. In fact, you encouraged me to masturbate, so over time, I’ve become more comfortable being open about it.

How has your masturbation habit changed over the years?

There have been two main changes. Like I’ve already mentioned, I don’t need to hide it anymore. Whenever I want to get off, I masturbate. And sometimes we masturbate together. Exploring mutual masturbation has been a lot of fun.

How I masturbate has changed over the years, though, too. These days, the technique I use depends on my mood. Sometimes I do what I can to emulate fucking [penetration] as much as possible — balls deep and fast. But sometimes I go slowly and just focus on how good it feels.

I’ve often walked in on you masturbating usually with a sex toy. One, we need to get a sock for the door, but two, it makes me curious about your experience with sex toys. When did you buy your first one and what was it?

My first sex toy, specifically for masturbation, was a vibrating egg, like the kind for vulvas. I squeezed it between my [ass] cheeks, for an external prostate massage, and held it there while I masturbated. It was quiet, discreet, and no one knew I had it.

How old were you at the time?

Around mid-40s. [While he was still married to a previous partner.]

So when did you get your first masturbator?

Actually, my first one was the Tenga Egg you brought home from London after your first Eroticon trip. [This was 2017, and he was about 55 or 56.]

Awww, I feel kind of proud. Does that mean I’m the reason your sex toy collection is bigger than my own?

[He gives me a wolfish grin and looks very proud of himself.]

What’s the difference between masturbating with your hand versus a sex toy? What do your orgasms feel like?

When I masturbate to orgasm, there’s an intense build-up of pleasure. It’s like my entire body tenses up and the moment I get off, everything, all that tension, releases. I feel really peaceful once it’s over, and I like to lay still and sort of float [mentally]. With sex toys, the orgasm feels the same, but it just feels like I’m fucking someone while I’m getting off.

Even though the material doesn’t feel like an actual person?


How do you feel about battery-operated, powered, vibrating masturbators like the Turboo?

I love those kinds of toys! I think they’re a wonderful innovation in sex toys for penises. For years I felt kind of left out because there were so many vibrating options for vulvas, and I wondered where that was for me. It’s nice to have the extra sensations vibrating masturbators provide.

Have you tried the Turboo [received in exchange for a review] yet? What are your initial thoughts?

It’s a beast; you need to hold on tight for the ride! [Oh??] I got off but it took longer than usual. [Making my confused face.] It felt good but the sensations were completely different than what I’ve tried in the past.

Now that you’ve gone from a kid who was shamed for masturbation to a nearly 60-year-old with a growing sex toy collection, what do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Lose the stigma. Lose the shame. There’s nothing wrong with feeling pleasure.

About the Turboo

promo image for Turboo in same with image of earth in the background. Text says Tracy's Dog Turboo Coming at Full Speed tracysdog.comA full review is coming (ha!) on the Turboo but until then, here’s what you need to know about this new masturbator from Tracy’s Dog.

The Turboo is made with proprietary CFEET: Centrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement Technology. This allows the Turboo to produce an ultra-high rotation speed and centrifugal force, creating new sensations that surround the entire penis. I was there when John Brownstone turned it on, and it’s definitely moving fast. Lube yourself up, slide your penis in and let the Turboo do the work for you.

You get three vibration modes which can get up to 13,000 rounds per minute, depending on the intensity you choose. Within those modes, you can speed up the sensation automatically by gripping the canister in certain spots while using it. There’s also a built-in, high-speed rotating ball on the inside. This ball helps allow the masturbation cup to move in all directions for a more surround-sound experience for your penis.

The Turboo was designed specifically to help end stigmatization over masturbation and sex toys for cis-men. It’s a high-powered masturbator that certainly looks like no other toy we’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for him to play with it more and report back with his experience!

Post sponsored by Tracy’s Dog

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  • The images accompanying this text are undoubtedly beautiful. But at the same time, they are not very informative. Looking at them, I did not understand at all how this toy looks and how it is arranged. But the text was interesting to read. Especially the revelations of John Brownstone.

    • As this isn’t a product review review, the main focus wasn’t on the product. The review will happen later or you can click through to the site and get a closer look at the product that way.

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