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The man, the myth, the legend…too much? He’s pretty darn awesome, though. Just sayin’…

If you’ve been in this space for more than about 30 seconds, you know my love of John Brownstone, my Dominant, my Daddy, my best friend, and my partner in all things. For anyone new, we’ve lived together for a year (June 8 was the one year anniversary of moving in together), we’ve been together for over two (almost three) years, and we are the “cute” D/s couple in our personal sphere – both online and offline. (Le sigh.)

I have people tell me that they want a relationship like ours one day.

I’m an eternal optimist. I think this – a relationship built on total trust, communication, and honest – is possible for anyone willing to work hard for it. But I think people need to understand a few things about us.

John Brownstone doesn’t make me do anything. Oh, yeah, in the middle of some hot play, he might physically force me into position or give me a harsh command (rawr). In the more mundane parts of life, I might say that a task is something I’m “required” to do. But my submission is of my own free will, based on my own desires, and due in large part for my respect for the man that he is. I don’t submit to just anyone.

Everything about our relationship is a joining of two free wills. I am fiercely independent, kind of bitchy, very intense, with insanely strong opinions. There’s no one on this earth who could make me do something I don’t want to do – short of threat of death or harm to someone I care about. (And even then, I’d tell myself I was doing what I want to do.)

By mutual agreement, he’s the leader. I look to him for guidance. I defer to him in all things (yes, even when I disagree). He’s Daddy, I’m babygirl.

You have to understand, though, he doesn’t make me do the things I’m supposed to do, the things I’ve agreed to do as part of our relationship. When life gets crazy – and gawd knows it has lately – I still make his coffee, make the bed, ask permission, and do my best to keep up with small requirements he’s set (4 big glasses of water a day is hard, y’all!).

Some of what I do is visible. He never has to ask because he can see for himself whether it’s done or not. Some, like the water, is assumed based on his trust in me – and because I’ll be the first to confess if I screw up.

He doesn’t make me do these things, I make me do these things. Right now, other than titles and a few small moments to relieve some tension, anyone from the outside looking in probably wouldn’t see a D/s relationship.

On a new summer work schedule, he comes home every night, later and more tired than usual. To top it off, his sister isn’t getting much better (we know she won’t, but stable would be nice). His own health is suffering because of it, and his energy levels are low.

There’s not exactly a lot of command-issuing going on.

I get up each day, follow my routine (gawd, I love a good routine), and do what I know I’m supposed to do. I ask his opinion, defer to his judgment, and provide as much support as possible. And yes, sometimes support is in the form of a brutal opinion – and he’s okay with that, too.

In my mind, even when our D/s relationship isn’t overt, and the BDSM fun has to take a backseat to a good night’s sleep, it’s my responsibility to do the things I’ve said I will as his submissive. He doesn’t have to look over my shoulder (nor does he need to).

I do what I do because I said I would. I do what I do because it completes something within me. I do what I do because I love him. No one has to make me do a damn thing – I’d like to see them try.

But rest assured, no matter how tired he is, no matter how “vanilla” we might seem on the outside, if something goes amiss – a brassy (combination of brat and sassy) tone comes out of my mouth, the bigger tasks don’t get done, whatever – he’s all Daddy Dom, no matter how tired he is. No one makes him do that, either.

J is for John Brownstone (how could I not, right?) and the Wicked Wednesday prompt was “make me.” A perfect pairing, if you ask me. I love that man fiercely. I’m protective of him in a way that I think surprises him sometimes. I worry for him, and I would shoulder his burdens in a heartbeat if I thought it helped. But no one makes me a submissive or makes me obey, not even him. That’s all me.

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