On Your Knees #SpankA2Z

“On your knees, girl.”

She melted into the floor. Warmth filled her center. This was not a moment for sex, but her body responded all the same.

“Head down, ass up.”

As if she was now in slow motion, her limbs obeyed. Cool air kissed her most vulnerable parts, secret dark places that only he touched.

“Already wet, I see.” Red heat burned her cheeks. “Don’t be embarrassed. We both know you’re my slut.”

Her body trembled with anticipation. He’d warned her they both needed this. He’d given her the option to walk away. She was going to feel pain. Was she ready for that?

Hours later, now on her knees, making his warning a reality, and she still didn’t know. But her body did.

“And now, we begin.”

K is for kneeling! And yes, this is a short and absolute tease. I’m short on time and imagination today. Here’s my challenge to any of my readers who like to string words together: if you are so inclined, feel free to finish this scene with your own ending. Share it in the comments below or on your own blog and link to your post in the comments. I bet you can come up with something good!

On Your Knees

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