Masturbation Monday

Hot and Cold #MasturbationMonday

“Please tell me there will be kinky fuckery in our future. Please?”

John Brownstone has Fridays off for the entire summer. Yay! But we are the type of people who can fill up a schedule with stuff to do. Boo. Our Friday was filled with errands, projects, and plans. But the reason Fridays in the summer are supposed to be a good thing is more time for kid-free kinky fuckery.

“I’m sure we can make time, babygirl.”


Home improvement store (jeebus, we have a long to-do list).

Pool (We work out together, which I never thought I’d like.)


By the time we made it home again, we were both tired, and I was watching the clock count down until time to pick up the boys. I sat on the couch for a few moments, thinking that we’d chill and then retire to the bedroom for, ya know, the kinky fuckery.

I looked up from my phone, and he was working on our list, made easier since we purchased everything we needed to get all the home projects done.

My mouth said, “Daddy? What are you doing?” (My mind said, “Aw, hell no.”)

“Figured I’d get a jump on the projects while we have time.”

He isn’t an obtuse man, and he’s always thinking. I have no doubt that he’d factored in time for play. But sometimes the babygirl is strong in me, y’all. I had zero patience for waiting until he’d changed out the lightbulbs.

I stood up, took the lights out of his hands, and led him into the bedroom. I had no clue what was going to happen when we got in there, but that wasn’t really my problem, was it? He let me draw him into the other room (always a good sign).

Once in, I dropped his hand and looked around, a little lost and confused.

“Well, I got you in here, but I don’t know what comes next.”

He laughed. That devil laugh. The one that says he knows exactly what’s coming next.

A few smacks to the ass. A few tugs of my hair. Next thing I knew I was on all fours on the bed, naked. My stomach quivered in anticipation. My pussy was wet and waiting.

I heard him moving around in the kitchen. Was that ice?

Next, I heard the bathroom faucet running. What the hell?

Then he was behind me. I felt vulnerable, exposed. His fingers glided over my slit and pushed in deep. Unf. That felt good.

Something hard and nearly hot touched my clit. Oh god, a glass dildo. As my body shuddered from the sudden deep heat and pleasure, my mind thought, “Ahhh, so that’s what the running water was for.”

I screeched and begged for release.

“Cum, babygirl.”

As soon as the aftershocks subsided, he pushed the dildo into my body and began to fuck me. Hard. Ohhhhhhh, that felt good. More of that please.

It was gone too soon.

Then, a searing cold was placed against my clit. I howled. Our second glass dildo. I knew it was ice! The thought quickly vanished as pleasure and pain warred. It hurt so bad. It felt so good.

Another orgasm granted.

The icy cold abated for a moment as the warm dildo pressed into my body again. Oh gawd, yesssssssssss.

All thoughts were driven out of my head as the frigid cold rubbed against my clit and the comforting warmth fucked the hell out of me. My body spasmed, tightened, and collapsed against the bed as orgasms rolled through.

Giving me no time to recover, he grabbed my ankles and flipped me onto my back. He pushed my legs back and apart and dove down. I could feel his mouth on my clit, and then I screamed as the orgasm hit. He pulled back, chucking in that devil laugh. Fuuuuuuck.

I know the moment culminated with his cock in my pussy, but I swear I remember little after that. All I know is that, even days later, I have two glass dildos on my bathroom counter, and every time I look at them, a thrill goes through my whole body.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Yes, that really happened. Yes, that’s really us. Yes, it’s hot as hell, and now you know why Fridays are so important. I don’t care what’s on our agenda, we must have kinky fuckery and good times – no matter what. Okay, now, go forth, and check out all the other smutty goodness that’s been shared for this, the best of all days.

Hot and Cold

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  • Good reminder that sometimes we have to be more direct in asking for what we need and want. I at times get lost in the plan to be submissive (oh, and impatient too!) and forget perhaps he wants to feel desired and pursued too.

    • It’s about finding the balance. I know it’s not my place to decide what we’ll do, but I’m learning that I can let him know when I want him to do *something.* But I also don’t do it all the time, which makes those rare occasions more special. Ugh, balance. Can’t we just have what we want when we want it all the time? 🙂

  • That had me laughing. The whole beginning there…the impatience…the asking for it but not really knowing what to do with it once you got it. Guess he knew, huh? Wonder if he was just waiting for you to ask. To see how long it’d take you. Sometimes they can be so maddening.

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