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Feminex Review: Does it Boost Energy or Libido? #sponsored

I don’t do reviews often because I’m not sure I write them well, but when I received a request for a product review that claimed to enhance my energy, I thought, “Why not?”

At the time, life was insane around here and what I needed more of was energy.

Feminex by Phi Naturals

Feminex by Phi NaturalsAccording to the label on the bottle, Feminex supports athletic performance at the gym and in the bedroom. Well, I don’t go to the gym, and my libido definitely has no issues.

The main ingredients are ginkgo biloba, Siberian ginseng, damiana, and white tumeric. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules once a day. I received an email from the company when I placed the order:

The DIRECTIONS on the bottle are TWO CAPSULES TWICE A DAY. Depending on your size you may need less or more. If you take too much you may have too much energy to sleep. It does NOT contain any stimulant nor caffeine but it does give energy. You decide on the perfect dosage for yourself.

Well, I’m not a petite woman but I went with two capsules once a day. I tend to be cautious about what I put in my body so four of these bad boys didn’t seem necessary.

Official Product Description

  • Female Libido Booster: Proprietary female enhancement formula boosts women’s libido.
  • Holistically balance female hormones from the stresses of modern life.
  • More satisfying love-making & more intense female orgasms.
  • Additional benefits of holistically balancing hormones include more energy, more stamina, improved memory and concentration, less food cravings, etc.
  • No Caffeine. No Stimulants. All Natural Female Libido Enhancer!

How It Worked

Like I said, I had no need to increase my libido, but extra energy during the day is always good. I took them for more than a week (before falling out of the routine). Here’s what I noticed:

  1. The pills are big. You may want to take just one per dose. Swallowing the first was easy. The second? Not so much.
  2. I did feel an energy increase but it was only in short bursts. It might have lasted longer if I’d taken two doses a day.
  3. When I came down from the energy boost – usually a block of time lasting a few hours – I was exhausted. I never figured out if it was because I did so much in a short amount of time or if it was a side effect of the product.

My Thoughts

If you need temporary energy or if you’ve tried other supplements and didn’t have any bad effects, this one might be worth a try. But don’t expect miracles. There was no extra libido and the extra energy I felt was short-lived. It’s not the worst product out there, and it does give a burst of energy. If you’re hoping for a miracle cure for a lowered libido, I’d say try at your own risk.

Interested in purchasing a bottle for yourself?

Phi Naturals


Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation in exchange for reviewing Feminex. All opinions are my own.

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