Masturbation Monday

A Teasing Taste #MasturbationMonday

His tongue darted, landing lightly on sensitive skin and throbbing flesh. My hands reached down to grab his head whether to guide or push away, I don’t know.

I remembered myself in time. I’m not in control. He is. Each dart of wet tongue meeting swollen clit or lips stole my breath. Coherent thinking ceased. Feeling began.

Instead of fighting against the torture, holding myself away to control the orgasm looming ahead of me, I gave myself over to it. Body softened. Knees spread. Pelvis tilted. He had full access to every part of me. He could do his worst, and I would let the sensations carry me away.

Each short stroke of his tongue, each teasing taste caught me off guard. Panting, gasping, silently begging with hips that pushed forward. He controlled my orgasm with his tongue as easily as he’d ever done with hands, fingers, cock, or toy.

He wasn’t in a giving mood. Not yet, at least.

The warm flat of his tongue stroked my slit. I shuddered.

The tip of his tongue flicked my clitoris. I swallowed a scream.

Teeth lightly nipped my lips. I forgot to breathe.

Finally, finally he dove in. Tasting. Eating. Devouring.

Small quivery orgasms became gushing, shuddering, body-wracking small deaths.

My hands fell to his head once more. No longer guiding or pushing, he was my anchor in a roiling sea of sensation. I came and came and came again, fluid dribbling down my ass to the sheets beneath me. Goosebumps pebbled my skin when cool air met the juices coating my body.

Once his appetite was temporarily sated, he covered my body with his own, kissing my jaw and neck, tasting other sensitive areas. His beard was wet against my skin. The smell of my sex and desire wafted in the air around us.

His teasing tastes had only been the appetizer. Now, he was ready for the main course.

Happy Masturbation Monday! I’ll let you guess what the main course was that night. Let’s say, we both slept well afterwards. Okay, you know what to do. Go forth and read more smutty goodness on this the best of all days. Hell, if nothing else, click the button below to check out one of the hottest prompts I’ve used so far. O…M…G.

Masturbation Monday

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