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I Have Sexual Fantasies About People I’ll Never Meet

I Have Sexual Fantasies About People I'll Never Meet -- especially those driving in cars

Random people, random sexual fantasies.

The guy behind the wheel of that pick-up truck. His arm half out the open window, thick fingers gripping the steering wheel. The bass of whatever he’s listening to hums and bumps as he makes the turn in front of me. For a brief moment our eyes meet.

Would he kiss my neck as he cups my vulva? Or would he give me a shove to turn me around, bend me over the bed, and fuck me with my skirt flipped over my back? If I asked nicely, would be both rough and gentle at the same time?

The couple in the coffee shop, laughing with each other while people watching. He’s quiet and watchful. She’s smiling and chattering. My eyes meet hers, and she gives a half smile before turning away.

Who would be with who if we were all naked together? Is he watching us? Is she watching? Am I caught between them both? Her soft body pressed against mine, legs intertwined. His stiff cock pushing against my backside, demanding attention.

The woman in line at the store. Pillowy breasts that beg for a mouth, tongue, and fingers. Luscious curves cradled in yoga pants (my personal weakness). Barely aware that someone is staring at her ass out of the corners of my eyes.

I’d pull those yoga pants off with my damn teeth if I could. Run my tongue up her inner thigh. Kneel at her feet, stare into her eyes, and wait for a signal from her to continue. Let me touch every inch of skin and find out how alike and different we really are.

Ever since I can remember, when someone catches my eye out in the world, my mind can wander into all kinds of territory. Sometimes it’s mundane…I wonder where they’re going or what they’re doing. I might even make up a story in my head about who they are.

But sometimes I imagine the hand that holds the steering wheel is holding me. I let myself imagine what a sexy bottom might feel like in my hand.Β  It’s never more than a fleeting glimpse at whatever my brain can imagine. But sometimes, it’s a little more…

He’s older than me, but not by much. A working guy, if the truck is any indication. His hands are large and his beard thick. He doesn’t grin or laugh with the person next to him. Too busy thinking.

I’m thinking too.

Thinking that I’d let him sink his teeth into my body. First my shoulder, then my ass. Leave a mark. Make me scream. While his mouth is on the fleshiest parts of my body, his fingers, first one, then a second, would be buried in my cunt.

Would I scream from the pain or the pleasure? Would it matter?

After I come over his fingers, splashing the bed and my thighs, he’d smack my ass with his wet hand. The spray of my own fluids would land as cold droplets on my skin. He’d call me his dirty slut and tell me I’m about to be really fucked.

I’d get on my knees, arching my back, praying he’ll pull my hair and smack my ass again. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

With his cock is sunk deep in my cunt, and I’m gasping for breath, he has no sweet words of comfort. This isn’t love-making. It’s sheer dirty, filthy, delicious use. His balls slap my ass. He grunts with the effort and pace of each thrust. I know I’ll have bruises where he’s holding my hip.

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