Masturbation Monday

We Both Tried


It’s not often John Brownstone barks an order, but this was a definite bark…and an order. As we were sitting at the kitchen table finishing our lunch, I can be forgiven for feeling confused.

“Here? Now?”

“What did I say?”

It’s also not often that he uses his Dom™ voice with me. And yes, it still propels me into action.

I continued to ask anxious questions. Mostly “Really?” and “Are you sure?” But I stripped. It might not be obedience without question, but it’s still obedience. Submissive achievement unlocked!

Standing naked in a room where you are most likely to be found fully clothed — and possibly eating, cooking, or feeding the dog — will never not be awkward to me.

He grabbed my hand, leading me to the living room…and the finest fake leather couch we’ve ever owned.

I hope this plan isn’t a wet one.

He sat down, looked up at me, and patted his lap.

Huh? WTF?

“Huh? What the…I mean, how do you want me?”

Remembering at the last second to ask for direction in a submissive way? Clearly gold-star worthy.

It looked reminiscent of a bare-handed spanking position. My kinky heart twitter-pated. But he threw a curveball instead.

“Straddle me, girl.”

Uhhh, this could definitely get wet. But wait. He’s still got clothes on. Definitely no fucking going on here. What in the…?

“Yes, Daddy. Are you sure about this?”

I could say that I hate sounding like a submissive who can’t do what I’m asked without question, but I am that kind of submissive. Issue a surprise order, and I have questions.

If you’re picturing a sexy naked woman slithering into her Dominant’s lap in a seductive way, let me pop that porn-fantasy bubble for you.

I groaned as I bent one knee and leaned onto the couch. I paused for a breath before hoisting the other leg over his lap — after he closed his legs together as tight as he could to make the distance a bit smaller. He sat back and I leaned into him, holding onto the back of the couch to steady myself. My breasts smashed into his face which, it appeared, was his entire purpose. He sat forward, requiring me to hold my body up with shaking (and naked!) thighs.

I’d like to tell you that I closed my eyes in bliss as his tongue and teeth devoured my areola and breast. That would be a nice image, wouldn’t it?

I squeaked every time his teeth grazed sensitive nipples. And then I lifted one aching knee up slightly to alleviate the weight. Then another squeak. I groaned — with relief.

Fuck, it’s hot in here.

Bite. Suck. Nibble.

And it’s hot down there now, too.

He pulled as much of my tit into his mouth as he could.

Ouch! And also, nice. Wow, he can hold a lot in there, can’t? Fuck my knees hurt.

His hands stroked my back. He buried his face deeper against my body.

I don’t think I can hold his position any longer.

We fell against each other. He chuckled. I squeaked again. We both adjusted our bodies.

He really likes this. I like that he likes this. But fuck all my arms are tired. I don’t want to fall again. Maybe if I just…

I held my arms straight behind me, like a small children pretending to take flight, hoping to hold my balance. My face was tight with concentration. I stared into the distance, taking slow, shallow breaths and praying to the D/s gods that I could hold on just a little longer.

“Babygirl, what exactly are you doing?” The sucking, nipping, and licking stopped. He sounded very confused. Maybe a little concerned.

“Holding myself up, Daddy. My arms hurt.”

That’s when the absurdity of the moment washed over both of us. We burst out laughing. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to explain why that position made so much sense in my head.

Sexy moment over — if it was ever actually sexy. He told me later it was what he wanted, even if it wasn’t how he imagined it going.

“Maybe we really should join that gym, Daddy.”

“Yeah, maybe so, babygirl.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday. Also, no knees, thighs, or feelings were harmed in the preceding scene. Kinky fuckery has been light, but John Brownstone is trying — clearly. Yes, we signed up for the gym. Not necessarily to lose weight but to get stronger because I really am out of shape. How so? That entire scene was less than five minutes. For actual smut, you know where to go…

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