Masturbation Monday

Anticipating the Future

naked Kayla Lords anticipating the future

If the picture above looks familiar, it’s because I’ve used it before. But I really, really like it, and I really, really hope I’m in the position at some point today.

I’m writing this before the first day of school. You’re reading this after the kids have gone back to school and John Brownstone and I have gotten a bit of privacy back. So, basically, we’re time traveling here, and I have no idea what will actually happen.

But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it.

Heat rising from my skin. Anticipation and desire permeating the air around my body.

I can always smell myself. Can he?

Bent over the bed, I wait. What will he do first? Stroke my back or my cunt? Cup my bottom or finger my pussy?

And then what? A smack on the ass leads to another and then another.

Will he continue his arm gets tired or his cock grows hard?

I know a spanking is in my kid-free future. I’ve already begged for it, whined about it, and wrung enthusiastic promises from him. But what next? What else? How does it end?

A fucking or lunch? An orgasm or denial? All of the above?

At this moment, I have no preference. I’m ready to be lead forward into an erotic unknown. All I know for sure is that we’ll finally relax into our kinky selves again…for a few hours a day, at least.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Writing this from the past to my future self. Trying to call the kinky fuckery into existence — especially since today is the first day of school and these children are GONE for most of the day! For much more in-depth smut, you know where to go. And if the fuckery goes down, I’ll report back!

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