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With Trust, Anything is Possible

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Because I trust him, he can tell me to strip, bend over the bed, and wait – and I comply immediately.

Because I trust him, he can tell me no, not yet, wait – to buy, do, have, say – and I listen.

Because I trust him, he ties me to the bed, attaches vibrators to my body, and forces as many orgasms as he wants – and I let him.

With trust, anything is possible in Dominance and submission.

We don’t have any big, huge, scary kinks, but when he wants to do something new, my trust in him says it’s safe, he’ll take care of me, this will be good.

I was raised to be an independent woman who depended on no man. I was raised to be in control of the finances, pay the bills, and earn my own money. My trust in him tells me I can earn less, and the bills will still get paid. And frankly, there is something about asking him for money that turns me on. (The babygirl is strong in me, y’all.)

He and I have discussed play partners, acting on our fantasies with multiple people, and even allowing someone to scene with us in the club. I trust him so much that he knows he can vet a person without me and as long as I get the right vibe when we meet, I will follow his lead.

This kind of trust doesn’t develop over night. Frankly, the longer we’re together, the more our trust in each other grows. The depth of our confidence in the other came from communication, observation, and time.

Not everyone can get to that level of trust, and that’s okay, too. Trusting that your partner won’t purposefully cause you harm, knows what they’re doing in the scene, and will respect your limits is a damn fine place to start.

Trusting your partner to love you unconditionally, take care of you in all things, and bring you to new heights of kinky pleasure you didn’t think possible – that is what I consider the pinnacle, the height to strive for. What comes after that? I have no idea, but damn if I’m not looking forward to finding out.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was TRUST. I have all kinds of trust issues. Poor John Brownstone worked like a dog to earn mine. But now he knows what I’m capable of when I trust someone completely – and he also knows what it would mean if my trust were to be broken. Trust is imperative in a D/s relationship – even a temporary scene. If you can’t trust your partner to keep you safe, they shouldn’t be your partner – especially in kinky fuckery. 

Wicked Wednesday

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