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Noon is Good for Me, Until Then, More Caffeine Please!

I’m pretty good at doing things out of habit, out of obligation, and certainly out of a sense of responsibility. That last one is the only reason I can fathom that I pull my tired ass out of bed before 5:30 in the morning during the week. If I don’t, lunches don’t get made, coffee doesn’t get made, children don’t go to school, and the whole day goes to hell in a handbasket.

But damn it, I’m not happy about it.

For John Brownstone, I strive to be pleasant and when I can’t make that happen (pre-caffeine, it’s almost impossible), I’m at least polite. It helps that he’s a grumpy, growly polar bear before his first cup of coffee – which is why I get out of bed 30 minutes after him. Life is better after he gets his own early morning caffeine fix.

What wakes me up?

Caffeine. Sometimes a hot cup of tea, sometimes a hot cup of coffee. In a pinch, I’ll take an iced coffee (a mocha, please and thank you) or a sweet iced tea. Back in the day, I didn’t start to function properly until I had a Diet Coke – with crushed ice (the good kind) and make it a fountain drink – none of that can or bottle stuff. But I don’t drink Diet Cokes anymore so it’s up to tea and coffee to make me human.

Out of years of necessity (motherhood does that), I can get through the basics of the morning without caffeine, but I’m not happy about it. Because I’m always his submissive, regardless of lack of caffeine or sleep, I’ve learned to simply stay quiet until I get the correct dose of caffeine. I can even get everyone up, make lunches, get backpacks together, wake children (force them to dress and brush their teeth), and start the car – all without caffeine. But I’m not happy about it (I may have mentioned that, lol), and I’m only speaking in grunts.

Once I’m fully awake (“fully” being a relative term – I’ve been a parent too long to remember what it feels like to be truly refreshed after a good night’s sleep, lol), I’m full of energy and ready to go. I can focus. I can work nonstop. Lunch? What’s that? Just give me more caffeine and get out of my way. I got shit to do, and it’s fun, and I love it, and woohoo! Gotta love a caffeine high.

I used to be a night person. Back in the college and pre-kid days, I was happiest and most productive at around midnight. Since the jobs I wanted to work didn’t allow for that, I learned how to wake up early and muddle through.

Now I’m older and midnight is too damn late at night – unless we’re at the BDSM club or engaging in some serious kinky fuckery at home. But regardless of the reason, I’ll be a zombie the next day. And I’ll need even more caffeine, if it’s possible.

Really, noon is good for me.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was about the morning and how we react to it. I don’t, is the short answer. Pump me full of caffeine and I can pretend to be happy about it, though.

Wicked Wednesday

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  • I’m up and brewing coffees for the house at 6. I’m in front of my computer by 7, usually halfway thru my first cup of coffee. I didn’t drink coffee until I had my third child, now I can’t imagine starting my day without it.

    • I didn’t drink it until SSir, lol. I’m sure part of the need is because of the routine we create for ourselves (and of course part of it is the whole addiction thing). But I’ve never wanted to change my routine bad enough to eliminate caffeine. Ever.

  • To me a shower is what caffeine is to you. Once I’ve had my shower, I am okay to start the day. That said, on weekends, when I can wake and start the day at my own pace, I don’t need my shower and am not grumpy either.

    Rebel xox

    • Yep, on the weekends, if I get to sleep in, I don’t need it as much. I’ll need some eventually or I get a headache, but that’s a different reason completely. A shower does work wonders, though. 🙂

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