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He Made Me Beg For Release But First He Played

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“I’m tired, babygirl.”

I knew he felt exhausted. Working in the heat. The stress of our new life catching up to us. Issues between the two of us still to be resolved. But I also knew he needed to relax.

Lying next to him in the pitch black of our room, I didn’t want to leave him to the stillness of sleep. In the past week, we’d refocused our attention on each other again, and I craved him, us, again. He might be tired, but I was coming out of a slumber.

I rolled over, throwing my leg over his torso, settling down over his body. My breasts swung, heavy and full, in front of him. I expected him to turn on the lamp to see them. The darkness of the night surrounded us completely. I knew he was under me. He knew I was above him. Yet, we couldn’t see each other.

He moaned slightly as a I shifted my weight, the wet heat between my legs seeping into his skin. What do I do now? I kissed his face, found his neck, and latched onto the sensitive skin with lips and teeth. His hands wandered across my body, as if re-learning my curves and folds all over again. Every time his grip tightened, I forgot myself and him, stopping to moan into the curve of his neck.

Eventually he grew impatient with my nibbles and timid grinding. He pushed me up, forcing me to arch back. He found my breasts in dark, heavier than before, nipples tight with…anticipation? Need?

He licked and nibbled a nipple. One moment applying no pressure, the next driving me wild as he sucked and flicked with a firm tongue. Just when I thought I’d be driven mad, my seemingly forgotten nipple, taut and sensitive, felt the clamp of two cruel fingers. His tongue and fingertips worked in tandem. The harder he sucked, the harder he twisted. When his tongue flicked, his fingers strummed.

I lost myself in his grip. Did I grind my pelvis into his body or  lift my hips in the hopes his hand would find it’s way to my dripping cunt? The slightest brush of throbbing clit and swollen lips against skin and sheets sent a quiver up my entire body. The cool air kissing the damp heat between my thighs raised chills across my skin. Caught in a trap of my own making, my body hummed with the pleasure of it all.

I almost wept with need. He seemed to take mercy as he released the nipple in his mouth with a pop. This is it. He’ll touch my cunt now. I’m sure of it! I groaned with ecstatic frustration when he switched sides instead He sucked the now tender areola into his mouth, twisting the still wet breast between his fingers.

My cunt spasmed. I gave in to overwhelming need and writhed against him, wishing I’d positioned myself over his cock earlier. What I needed most was something rock hard against my clit. I needed release. He would make me beg for it before we were through but first, he would play.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! For the record, yes, he fucked me senseless…eventually. John Brownstone and I committed to working on re-centering ourselves and getting back to our kinky fuckery ways. This seems like a damn fine start to me. Need more smut? You know what to do! 

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