Masturbation Monday

That Feels Good #MasturbationMonday

“I feel very little tonight, Daddy.”

I don’t normally text him while he’s at the club because I don’t want to be a distraction. This night, I desperately wanted to be a distraction. We’d been off kilter, in our way, for several days. The stress of finding a place to live, the stress of work, fuck, just the stress of life – it was all catching up to us. We’d had several deep, meaningful conversations – with more to come.

I needed to feel little.

Hair in pigtails, Hello Kitty shorts on, and knee socks and I slipped right into my little headspace. Feeling a bit mischievous, I snapped a few pictures and sent them strategically. And then came the reaction I wanted.

“I want you girl!”

I giggled. Mission accomplished. A short time later, my phone rang. He was still at the club. We had to talk about grown-up stuff first, but after a while, I could be little again, and he could be Daddy. Even from long distances with a phone pressed to my ear, it was bliss.

The call ended too soon, but they always do.

“Daddy! Before you go, can I play tonight? Please???”

“Yes, babygirl. Enjoy yourself.”

SQUEEEEEE! For a second, I considered asking if there was a limit or any restrictions. I decided against it, figuring if he wanted me to stop at a certain point, he would have said it. /giggles

Moments after we hung up, my hand covered my mound. Crinkly hair tickled my fingers. I need a wax soon. The thought slipped away as my finger sank into damp, hot folds. Oh fuuuuuuuuck that feels good. My eyes closed. My mouth opened wide.

I began to push against my hand, my legs spread wide. Between one breath and the next, I squirted into my hand. Wow. Frantic rubbing against my sensitive clit, and another gush. And then another. My toes curled, and my heels dug into the mattress.

Sliding my fingers deep, I pressed against my g-spot. Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck! Tapping away, I pulled my knees up to my chest, opening them as wide as I could, anything to keep my hand on that spot. My breaths came in pants; my moans whispered into the dark room. And then, a warm splash against my hand. Holy shit that felt good.

More, so many more. All rushed, all wet and gushy. I wanted even more. I wanted the sweet pain from an orgasmic build. Forcing myself to slow down, I swirled a fingertip over my sensitive flesh. Over and over again, no stopping, letting the pleasure and pain build.

It started in my toes and raced up my legs into my thighs. My stomach clenched and my legs stiffened. My muscled tightened and shuddered. The pressure mounted until I cried quietly. My body exploded, creamy fluids running down my thigh. I didn’t stop, I refused to stop. My hand moved frantically, forcing my own orgasms until I bent double, my head and shoulders lifting from the pillow.

Spent, I fell back onto the bed. I smiled and licked my fingers clean. Thank God, I doubled up on the towel. Cleaned up and dressed again, I sent Daddy a quick text.

“Thank you, Daddy. I’m feeling very relaxed now.”

Moments later, I closed my eyes, falling into the first easy sleep I’ve had in weeks.



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