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The Erection by Jack Barratt [Shameless Promotion]

When I was asked to help promote this book, the fact that I was going to say yes was pretty much guaranteed. Why? Um, did you see the title?? I admit that I don’t know the author – just the promo guy who reached out to me, but if this one sounds good to you – and it sounds pretty good to me! – take a look.

Jack BarrettThis is the first in a series of three books from erotic novelist Jack Barratt that draws on the sexuality of woman driven by the Eros of man.

The story starts with a basis of truth and eventually evolves into a future where sex and passion are devolved from the human contact we all crave and strive for. Sex and love are two separate emotions and each one of these creates its own problems.

The end result shows that if people cannot get the satisfaction and stimulation they need by normal means they will then look to other ways to satisfy the sexual eroticism that drives them. People continually seek new ways to achieve sexual highs and with modern technology these sexual needs can be satisfied in the most extreme ways.

This book illustrates how far men and women will go in their pursuit of pleasure.

We all have fantasies and know our limits, but my narrative displays the actual influence sexuality and desire has over our actions. You won’t believe what some people will do in the pursuit of being satisfied. I’ve also fused in technology, as it’s having a massive impact on how we get what we want,” says the author Jack Barratt.

Continuing, “This is like no other erotic romance novel ever written; especially by a debut author. It’s intense, very graphic and guaranteed to give readers more than a few new ideas for ways to spice their own lives up by focusing on getting what they really want.”

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